Constitutional Monarchy Analysis Paper

With the development of the society, the people’s minds have changed. During these years, people discuss a topic about abolishing constitutional monarchy. As for this question, voters choose whether to keep the King or not at parliament every day. Constitutional monarchy is a kind of political institution in which the king is regarded as head of the state, but he does not have political rights. He nominates premier and the premier manages the government. There are many countries practicing constitutional monarchy, such as Japan, Thailand and Norway.

In UK, this system has been practiced for 325years. Nowadays, a large number of people think that the constitutional monarchy should be maintained. Monarch is the unification of the country and the symbol of national unity, maintaining the solidity of the Commonwealth. Monarch is also helpful consultant who stands for the national traditions and the continuation of public life. British bourgeois believe, with the help of the influence of the traditional culture in Britain, keeping a King with a variety of political and social function but without real power.

First of all, as the head of state, the King reflects the historical continuity about British political system. For most of the British voters, the presence of the King means the continuation of country and political stability. Secondly, monarch bears the responsibilities of the national etiquettes, such as presiding over opening ceremony of the parliament, honorary peerages, meetings with foreign heads of state and accepting public servants’ swears. In U. K. government is willing to pay the cost of the royal household, but conditionally, the royal family often show up in public.

Due to their unique symbol of status and spirit power, they could maintain and improve the existing social order, but they cannot transcend political authority. So some people say the King participation in the public welfare activities in the presence of his role of ‘state and social cohesion and stimulant’. The most important thing is that monarch can maintain unite with the British Commonwealth. Owing to historical and political status, people who live in UK are willing to accept the King.

Since the British Empire declined, Britain and its dominions, colonies together with other member states organized a loose group. The King is the head of a state according to British laws, and he is utilized to keep the peace with the whole country. When the two political parties conflict with each other, King will take neutral attitude to mediate and make decisions. Jenny Lee, a theorist in the Labour Party, said the monarchy is a valuable buffer1. Besides, because of the King’s long-history position, he has known a large number situations and political experience.

Her advices always catch the attention of the prime ministers, therefore they make influences on Cabinet Decisions. Engels once pointed out:” the British constitutional monarchy could not exist without dilution, in … … Remove the monarchy throughout this man-made building will collapse. The British constitution is an upside down Pyramid, tower and base. So the monarch of this element in the actually become more and more important, it was the British view of meaning would be more significant. As we all know, there is no place than British worship more reigns but does not govern. “2.

However, according to the latest poll, 50%people who are against the constitutional monarchy and prefers to restructure that republic. On the turn of the century, the royal’s approval rate has dropped to the lowest in history. In 2005, when Prince Charles and Camilla got married, Royal approval rate decreased by 65%. A public opinion poll published in The Guardian shows, 54% of the people agreed with the abolishment of monarchy. Monarchy was very expensive and the King cost more than 100000000 pounds. Every adult will pay 62 pounds to government. The monarchy makes British look like “more backward”.

It becomes a medieval feudal legacy; however it does not manifest the behalf of the modern state. To sum up, for UK, although a few of people want to change the system, but there are many people who like the constitutional monarchy. Definitely, citizens look forward that the government will solve relevant problems in the further. Most people (82 per cent in a 2006 IpsosMORJ poll) think that the monarchy will still exist in ten years’ time and, as we have seen, 41per cent of respondents think that it will exist in fifth years’ time, only 24 per cent think it will exist in 100 years’ time.

3 If the King and government can give people more benefit, constitutional monarchy will be existted. References 1. Michael Green and Michael Wilding (1970) Cultural policy in Great Britain: in consultation with Richard Hoggart 2. Workers’ Daily Internet Edition : Article Index : The Queen’s Jubilee: On the Monarchy ,Daily On Line Newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) ,Year 2002 No. 104, June 1, 2002 3. Philip Norton(2010 p277).