Handling conflict

There are many times that any person will have to handle conflict in their life. In business it is important to handle... Continued

Palestine conflict

Why has it proved so difficult to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Israeli-Palestinian conflict... Continued

World Conflict

Global organizations that target to deal with the aspect of the conflict in the world remains to have merely achieved... Continued

Inconstant conflict

To the extent that they concern issues of an international character, general principles of law, like rules of... Continued

Conflict of laws

One of the most striking comment made towards understanding conflict of laws is that one given by a former Justice in... Continued

Conflicts of laws

The domiciliary theory in conflict of laws is the theory that in general the status, condition, rights, obligations... Continued

Industrial Conflict

Which theories or theories of industrial conflict, if any, can best explain the state of industrial conflict in... Continued