Conflict between who’s right and who’s wrong Summary

There is turmoil between the two personnel in the production department of BioN Company, a multinational fertilizer manufacturing company. The two personnel, John and Mario, who do have many differences always bang with each other. John, a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in chemistry major in organic chemistry, is the latest appointed general manager that handles the company’s client on the south while Mario, an experienced general manager had worked for the company for the last ten years.

Mario is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural engineering. Their main differences is these, John graduated from a premiere university with flying colors which means he has a big head when he entered in the company while Mario is just an intermediate college graduate.

Both of them are hardworking manager but John possesses self confidence that leads him to be very boastful and arrogant. He does not care what other say to him. What is important is the increase in production of the fertilizer and able to sell it to their costumers. On the other hand, Mario, a more experience one is very simple in such a way that he does not boast what had he done in the success of the company for the last few years. He knows how to handle his subordinate to meet their monthly targets in the north.

Statement of Facts

John, a fresh graduate from a premier university has many ideologies when it comes to professionalism and work. Most of its ideologies are based from the books, meaning, his principles are ideal. Marion, a senior general manager who is more lenient than John when it comes in handling their subordinates. His ideologies are mostly based from reality, meaning from his past experience.  Marion is more experienced than John that is why he knows how to handle better his location in contrast with John who does not know much the different processes in terms of production of fertilizer.

John has some behavioral problems that made him difficult to handle his subordinates. He always forced his subordinates to work beyond the working hours.

Marion accepts his pitfalls and errors while John never admits to his mistakes and he believes he does the right work even though he is wrong on his decisions. Both the production on the north and south branch performs well but the south branch production is better than the south. There are more clients in the south part of the country because of larger rural areas than the north. Though the south branch performs good production, there is still a need to increase their production at least 5%.

John knows how to use the resources of the company. He uses what had he learned in his college days on how to handle a company considering its minute resources. He manages to decrease their production cost without compromising the quality and number of produced fertilizer a day. On the other hand, Mario does not care on the cost of the production, what is important to him is to meet their monthly targets. Though the finance department is not handled by these two general managers, it affects the whole performance of the company.

Another major difference of the two general managers, Marion knows how to take care of their costumers. He does give the company’s loyal costumer some discounts. He sometimes treat his clients in a dinner when he successfully closed a big deal, in other words, he knows where to stand, where to say yes or no. on the contrary, John objective is to increase the production of its location. He does not care what his client said about his attitude. He believes in a more professional way of dealing the business.

Every end of the month, the board of directors will meet their general managers, who are John and Mario, to monitor their performance as well to report all their contributions to the company. And on their latest monthly meeting, the sales on the south branch significantly increased making it good for John.

When their respective production branches experience some technical problems, Mario knows how to handle these problems unlike john who does not have the enough experience to solve these problems.Data Analysis

Because of the differences on how to handle their subordinates, how they look on their work, how their ideologies affect their performance as general manager, and their unique way of handling their costumers, there is a significant on their performance output which is to produce several high quality fertilizers. For convenience, the three area of focus on their differences are, subordinate performance, production target and monthly revenue and sales.

A. Subordinate Performance and Production target

Though the performance of the workers on both branch do well, there is still difference on part of the workers. Idle time is seen on the north workers that is why the production is higher in the south. This can be explained on the way on how the general managers treat their workers. John always obliges his workers to work very hard and sometimes beyond working hours.

B. Monthly revenue

The difference on their way of allocating their resources produce different amount on the monthly revenue of the company.  John always wants to lessen production cost to increase the revenue of the company.

C. Monthly sales

The sale on the north is greater than on the south because of different strategy being implemented by Mario to their clients.

Recommended Course of Action

The question who is right and who is wrong depends on the final output of the general manager. Though both have good qualities and bad qualities, still they are able to do their tasks and responsibilities to manage their respective branches. But one thing to consider is the combination of the strength of the two managers in order to eliminate their own weakness and also to improve their current performance as general managers. This can be done by conducting a seminar on which both the managers will show their different qualities as general manager and work out on how to combine the positive qualities and eliminate the negative qualities.

Recommendation and Suggestions

A.  Both general managers need to learn and develop an effective communication skill, and meet regularly to resolve their differences.

B.  If one sees some drawbacks in terms of its performance in the production, the other must give some help in order to minimize the possibility of another mistake.