Florida v. Meyers

Meyers was charged with sexual battery. Police officers searched his automobile at the time of his arrest, and then... Continued

Florida v. Riley

Michael Riley lived in a mobile home situated on five acres of rural land in Florida. Riley owned a greenhouse that... Continued

Florida v. Wells

On February 11, 1985, a Florida Highway Patrol officer stopped Martin Wells for speeding and smelled alcohol on his... Continued

Florida v. Jimeno

A Dade County police officer overheard Enio Jimeno arranging what appeared to be a drug transaction over a public... Continued

Florida v. Bostick

In Broward County, Florida, Sheriff's Department officers regularly boarded buses during stops to ask passenger for... Continued

Florida v. White

Two months after officers observed Tyvessel Tyvorus White using his car to deliver cocaine, he was arrested at his... Continued

Florida v. J. L.

On October 13, 1995 Miami-Dade police received an anonymous tip that a black male wearing a plaid shirt was standing... Continued

Florida v. Thomas

While officers were investigating marijuana sales at Florida home, Robert Thomas drove up to the house. An officer... Continued

Florida v. Nixon

A Florida court convicted Joe Elton Nixon of murder and sentenced him to death. During the trial Nixon's lawyer told... Continued

Florida v. Powell

Kevin D. Powell was convicted in a Florida state court of being a felon in possession of a firearm and sentenced to 10... Continued

Florida v. Harris

The State of Florida charged Clayton Harris with possession of pseudoephedrine with intent to manufacture... Continued