Preston v. Ferrer

In 2005, the former manager for Alex Ferrer, television's Judge Alex, sued him to recover alleged unpaid commissions... Continued

Taylor v. Sturgell

Greg Herrick, the owner of one of two F-45s, a rare 1930s vintage airplane, in existence filed a Freedom of... Continued

Riley v. Kennedy

In 1987, the United States Attorney General precleared a local Alabama law providing for a special election to fill... Continued

Virginia v. Moore

Virginia police stopped David Lee Moore after receiving a radio call alerting them that he was driving on a suspended... Continued

Giles v. California

When Dwayne Giles was tried in state court for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, he claimed self-defense. Giles stated... Continued

Kennedy v. Louisiana

A Louisiana court found Patrick Kennedy guilty of raping his eight-year-old stepdaughter. Louisiana law allows the... Continued

Boumediene v. Bush

In 2002 Lakhdar Boumediene and five other Algerian natives were seized by Bosnian police when U.S. intelligence... Continued