Best LSAT Preparation Books

Every year a lot of applicants decide to take LSAT, a complex test which is compulsory to get to law schools. Even though it checks your ability to express opinion reasonably and skills of analytical and logical thinking, the exam is quite different than, for instance, IQ test. You hardly can pass it without meticulous preparation, that means that all the necessary qualities can and should be improved. As law educational institutions are highly demanded, there are a bunch of various study guides that promise customers the highest score. It is important to know for sure which of them worth your attention for not to waste your time and money.

1. The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible 2015th Edition

It was the first book created for LSAT section Logical Reasoning. It is the most popular study guide for the test preparation; The PowerScore has about 600 pages, which are designed to improve logical thinking; with its help, you will be able to learn everything about each conception, practice with games and drills. It is not necessary to break your head over difficult tasks, as there are many explanations and diagrams, which allow getting into the core of questions as soon as possible.

Time management technique is also included in the book because it is very important to solve the task within 35 minutes, which are set aside for the implementation. In addition to this, the customers are provided with access to a website with materials that complement the book and contains a lot of answer to the topical issues.

2. The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible 2015th Edition

This book is included in the best LSAT prep books; it took the 3rd place in law exam preparation and are very demanded among applicants, as the section Logical Reasoning is the most challenging part of the test, for which 50% of the total number of points are allocated. Students found it a reliable source for preparation because all the information is easy to comprehend, so you do not have to spend a lot of time and willpower to figure things out. On 650 pages, you will find many useful tips about a form of reasoning and ways to manage each type of questions. You will also find there a method of quick exclusion of incorrect answer options that will significantly save the time during the testing.

3. The LSAT Trainer: A remarkable self-study guide for the self-driven student

You can be sure of this source reliability as it was written by an experienced instructor and one of Manhattan LSAT Prep members. The author has been engaged in developing products for the test and worked with applicants, so he knows a lot about all the weaknesses and strengths of students, issues that need more attention and effective using of time. The book was created for self-preparation to the test.

It is the best LSAT study guide for Reading Comprehension, Logic Reasoning, and Logic Games sections. You will be able to get acquainted with 200 typical LSAT questions, strategies for their solving, and unique drills, developed for improving skills, which will allow you to enter a top law school. As well, the customers obtain access to training diagrams and organizers that help to use the time of preparation with the highest efficiency.

4. The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games Paperback

This one of the most effective LSAT books is created exclusively for the section Logic Games. It is a pleasure to prepare with The Blueprint. Forget about boring solving of repetitive tasks again and again; you will find humor, unique presentations and efficient ways to improve your logic on the pages of this bestseller. A lot of applicants have experienced the effectiveness of such an approach, and 90% of them put not less than four stars for the guide. The book contains the latest techniques and tasks since the test becomes a bit more difficult every year.

5. The Fox Test Prep Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia (or ‘Disrespecting The LSAT’)

The best strategies to prepare for the most challenging part of the exam are at your service. The Encyclopedia stands out among other LSAT prep books. The author simplifies the approach to practicing for the test, thereby casting doubt on the widespread conviction that LSAT is extremely complicated. The guide also includes access to the website, which is active within a year from the moment of activation. The site has videos with explanations to the tasks and other instructions, which facilitate the preparation process.