What is a Good LSAT Score For Top Law Schools?

Every applicant has heard that high GPA is not enough to join a law school. You also have to pass LSAT, which is considered to be extremely difficult. So what is the LSAT?

LSAT is a mandatory admission test for entering the higher educational institutions, which is applied in the USA, Canada and gains the popularity in a number of other countries. It determines the qualities, which applicants need to possess in order to study in a law school. LSAT is not similar to the usual academic tests; your theoretical knowledge does not play an important role, but your logical and analytical thinking, the ability to find the main information in the text will help you to get a high score.

The testing lasts about a half a day and consists of 5 parts: logical reasoning, reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, writing sample, and an experimental part, which is not evaluated; it is introduced to check the effectiveness of new questions that can be included in testing of the following year. All the sections are arranged in random order, and applicants do not know which one of them are experimental.

The testing aim is to determine the potential educational achievements of students. Good indices of GPA are not sufficiently reliable guarantee that studying in higher institutions will be the also successful. Scoring may be not impartial in some schools; high grades could be caused by subjective factors, which are not related to the educational potential. Statistics indicate that LSAT results almost accurately reflect the level of freshman’s achievements.

The result is measured on a scale from 120 to 180; on average, applicants gain 150.

The evaluation system does not display the number of correct answers; scoring depends on the percentage of accurate answers and the result of each participant.

It is almost impossible to take the test for a high score without preparation; you have to study for a long because in this case the success is provided by practicing. Applicants can cancel the score within six days after testing before he or she will learn it, as the result is reported in 3 or 4 weeks, so data will not be passed on to educational institutions and will not affect your results if you decide to take the test again.

What is a good LSAT score?

In case you answer correctly only half of the question, you will have about 150, but if the purpose is 170 or more, even a couple of incorrect answers can significantly reduce the chances of success. Do not despair in case of failure because you can pass the test three times in two years.

However, if you are not aimed at one of the most prestigious universities, 150 will be good to join low schools, but to tell the truth, it is hardly enough to become a member of an influential company, which provides the employees with stable high income.

A good test result opens up many opportunities in life. You need to have 160 in order to be welcomed in most universities and colleges, but this number will not guarantee you joining to students’ ranks of top law schools. As well, if you count on scholarship, 160 is a too low score.

About 170 is enough to feel confident in admission to an elite educational institution; only six universities in the USA do not consider this result as a guarantee of entering. Still, this grade is a significant reason to feel proud as only 2-3% of applicants can reach such a level.

175 and above is one of the maximum scores that can be got by the brightest students. If you are lucky to get this grade, feel free to choose any university. Though, such schools as Yale and Harvard need more evidence of an outstanding intelligence than the highest LSAT scores; it is also necessary to have high GPA, a work experience, and good recommendations. As you can see, only the best applicants can join top schools. Nevertheless, look at the situation from another side – there are many excellent higher educational institution that would like you to be their student with such a high LSAT result even without a high GPA and work experience.

Testings almost do not differ from year to year, so you should practice in typical for LSAT questions. The sooner you will start improving your analytical skills and logic, the higher the probability that you will reach the set goals.