Military Service

Should military service be compulsory? Why? Military service is compulsory in most countries in the world. The argument on conscription has always been quite controversial and up till now there seems to have been no sort of agreement. In my idea military service should be abolished if men want peace. The first step towards peace would be not having a military force as this wouldn’t be needed during times of peace. Having a large military force nowadays seems to be quite useless as countries are equipped with nuclear weapons and other high technology machinery which require a small number of experts in those particular areas.

Wars nowadays aren’t based on men’s physical strength but on the skills and knowledge of experts therefore instead of having eighteen year olds join the army they should let them continue their studies so that they will learn the skills required to operate and be able to maintain that kind of equipment. Military training is also quite costly and training all these men for an impending war which might never take place seems to be quite a stupid thing to do and also a waste of money which could be used for more important things such as education, health care and helping the those in need. On the other hand there are points in favour of military service being compulsory.

If a war starts and the country does not have a military force the country has no sort of defence what so ever therefore having trained people would be useful if a war starts but as said before having a lot of men defending the country wouldn’t be useful if the country is hit by a missile. Compulsory military service might be useful to discipline and educate these young people and help them grow up into mature men. Military training would also provide valuable experience and skills which may be useful later on in life.