Military Entry into Air interdiction of Drug trafficking from South America

This book written initially by Ahert, John and Stiles Gerald, is of great importance in joining the jigsaw puzzle of my research topic. Described in the book are main items like, Drug interdiction, Drug smuggling military operations, law enforcement, civil affairs national security and aerial surveillance.

The military’s operations are widely acquired with notable interdiction of drugs flown by aircrafts to transport drugs. However, the interdictions, effect to the entire trafficking network remain to be seen, this is so because drug dealers have been known to use their financial powers to poor money to authorities posing threats to them.

This kind of a book is of great importance to the research topic since it gives a detailed account of the military action in drug producing zones. However, unlike the above two journals the book seems to be bend on the side of law enforcement and not particularly on the drug sources. The Americas – fox News . Com;

Drugs trade This website is of great relevance to my topic of research because it gives a detailed account about the drug trade in south America, and also gives a mapped illustration of South America continent(the chief producers and distributors of drugs) and the countries of North America (the markets for southern produced drugs).

In the webs article, are detailed accounts about the most wanted drug smuggler (Diego Montoya) who was arrested in Colombia, the seizure of submarine carrying tones of cocaine is also talked of . In general, this web article majors in the issue of the war against drug trafficking, with many stories of drug seizures or arrests of drugs barons.

I would recommend this article for reading to anybody doing research on the controversial drug trade of South America. Although the article mainly touches on the enforcement of laws governing the trafficking of drugs, it is still an essential research material on the entire drug trade in South America.