Making sense of the criminal justice system

A criminal justice system is a complex sort of system charged with the responsibilities of handling crime and ensuring justice in the society among many other possible factors decided over by the society in which it applies. The way it does this has always been criticized without a clear solution being given by the critics. Everyone tends to have a different opinion and set of ideas towards an effective criminal justice system’s mandate. With the diversity in the society and dynamism in the social trends and norms, it is hard to provide a concretely sealed set of responsibilities for the criminal justice system.

Various models exist and some conflict with others while others overlap in definition of the role of such a system. The current system of liberal democratic justice, the state is assumed to be all powerful, powerful than the accused. It focuses on fairness on managing criminal justice issues in ways which reflect an inbuilt tension between liberal and democratic values. It is a summary of the level of engagement of the in governing the citizens establishing the capacity of the government to regulate the behaviors with the definition of the scope and height of government authority (Parkin, 1998).

It is based on political judgment of the policy makers. It is all about the authority, deviance, punishment and obedience. There are other stakes and concerns in the society that the government may find hard to trace, implement or satisfy due to the level of access in the social, rather than formal/political aspect. Due to this, a better criminal justice system can be put in place by considering other models and merging, substituting or possibly overlapping their definition of scope and angle of engagement of the government in the efforts of providing justice or curbing crime. Alternative model

An efficient and mostly effective criminal justice system will have to be fair and just for it to beat the existing Australian system. These four factors; justice, fairness, effectiveness and efficiency, are so important to a recommendation in pursuit for a replacement. On the basis of the society- as it is the center of crime and justice, considering the criminals are in the society and the government somehow also relies on the society- there are other aspects to be covered, other than political policies and adherence of citizens to them, if the issue of effectiveness is to be upheld in substance.

On the other hand, efficiency will be vital as resources will be used in the process of offering justice and carrying out the activities proposed for the system, and since crime issues will always be there to be dealt with, proper use will be vital. The issue of whether the system is fair or not is also primary to the proposal of it and must be addresses properly in the description.