Legal Constraints

One Act of Law that I will have to impose is the Health and Safety at work Act 1974. This places responsibilities on employers to provide a healthy and safe working environment. It covers factors such as ventilation, fire escapes, toilets / washing facilities, heating, lighting and illness.

Employees must take reasonable care and look after their own safety guards on machinery, toilets and washing facilities. Another Act that will have to be included is the Sale of Goods Act because I will have to sell things as described so I couldn't sell a coffee when a cup of tea is described, also I could not under weigh things as I would be prosecuted for not selling as described. I would have to gain an entertainment license because I will want music to be played throughout the so that my customers can sit on their own and just listen to music, instead of being bored.

And if enough money is left then a television would also be installed that could bring in more customers because of football matches on sky television. The key legal constraint of my business is the fact that I will need planning permission to either add on or just build a wall to separate the post office from my caf�, even though there will be an entry to the caf� from the post office. To get this permission I would have to go before the local council and put my case forward but not obeying these laws would result in the closing of my business and no money would be given back. Not only that, but I could be charged with a hefty fine or even a prison sentence because it is a criminal and therefore illegal offence.

 Financial Constraints

I will need around  to set up my business and I will get this money from my own savings account, family and friends or the bank. However I still may not have enough capital because the bank may reject my loan offer, with me being an amateur in the business region, which would result in me having to find a different way of getting the money for my business. One way of raising this money would be to sell my house and move into a small flat or apartment for a short while until my business establishes itself and starts taking profits. This would be a big blow to me but it may be necessary if my business is to even get started. Or another way would be to go to a few banks and loan smaller amounts from each bank which could potentially be the best idea; however I would have to pay interest three times as much.

Social and Environmental Constraints

There are some social constraints which I will have to deal with such as behaviour issues from teenagers at night time. This means vandals damaging my business or even keeping the customers away from visiting my caf� because they may get abuse when entering or exiting the . However, this would not be as much of a problem as it could potentially be because my business closes at 7 o'clock in the evening just as it goes dark which reduces the chance of anti social behaviour because most cases of vandalism and juvenile behaviour, which is all it is, happen at night time. I will definitely ensure that there is at least two bins inside the for people to dispose of their waste.

As for places to park, for people that drive to the caf� there are a couple of spots directly outside which will be for disabled access only, and just a one minute walk away there is a pub car park which is free to use and spaces are always available. Noise will not be a problem as it is a very friendly neighbourhood and people around Werrington are not loud, in general. Due to the friendly reputation of Werrington I will only employ friendly and helpful people who want to earn their keep and feel a passion for the customers and business alike. Keeping customers happy is essential because this way it gives me an increased chance of improving my turnover.

As a result of my feedback from my questionnaires I have decided not to alter my target market to a lower or more specific group. As first stated my target market is local people of all ages. This is because I need to ensure that everyone can feel welcome in mya. My results show that 40% of my customers would be 30 or under meaning that there isn't much difference in the age groups as both would use my. My customers also appear to be of an even gender because 55% were male and 45% were female. So no preference to men or women will be given in terms of the television.

Impact of competition

With there being no major competitors in Werrington I shouldn't really have to worry too much as it is only a small local caf� for the time being and no threat is posed to me. Despite this fact I have still done some research into Starbucks Coffee which is situated at the Potteries Shopping Centre in Hanley. I have found out their products, prices, and ways of promotion. I have seen that friendly employees and a nice close environment inside the means that everybody feels welcome. I will use this to my advantage and try to create a duplicate of this atmosphere.

As for prices it has had a huge impact on me. I feel that they are committing daylight robbery because for a mug of tea is just absurd. I will defiantly put my prices lower than this because I appreciate that not everyone has that kind of money for one cup of tea and I also feel that it is not appreciating the customer at all because Starbucks are making more money than is needed and it is losing their customers because of it, I will not let this happen to me. One thing I was worried about is the quality of their products as they are absolutely fantastic and therefore I will do my utmost to try and copy or provide similar products at cheaper prices.