Judging small and medium enterprises:

There are two ways of judging small and medium enterprises: the first way is, to lump together all firms in this category and record their essential needs; the second way is, to break the group into two and pinpoint their necessary or required inputs. (http://www. gcu. edu. pk/Publications/VC-SME. pdf. ) From our study we will be able to distinguish what needs to be done for such injustice to stop. Also, where the governments have gone wrong, planning the justice system whether it is social justice or economic justice. The problems that arise from such incompetent systems will be studied by us.

We will focus on a country where the justice system is lagging, Pakistan. Research will be based on this particular area, the policies that the government follows and other reasons such as no implementation of these policies, getting things done through bribery, having the right connections and many more reasons which add to this problem. The only people suffering are those who cannot afford to either buy their way forward or do not have these connections. We will mainly address questions such as: What policies have been adopted by the government during Pakistan’s existence?

Are these policies being implemented, and if yes who makes sure of that? Why has Pakistan become the worst in good governance? How do the frequent political changes affect this situation which has developed? How is the discrimination of the provinces affecting their particular areas and the country’s system as a whole? What are the reasons that the judicial system is always back logged with cases? Why don’t these cases be heard quickly? Is there any action taken against the police when they are caught taking money? Many cases such as rape are not reported, is any prevention of such incidents taken by the authorities?

Why are the police not able to interfere when such incidents take place in villages? Is there any clarity in the system, if not what cant he government do to ensure that this clarity exists? What steps is the government taking to ensure that the system is just to everybody and that all cases are treated equally and fairly? What future plan does the government have for the governance system? These questions and many more will be answered by us through extensive secondary research and primary research. In the secondary research, we will go through journals, news papers, reports and researches carried out previously.

In primary research we will visit government institutions, some government officers, carry out a survey of police stations and the courts. This will be done to see how many cases are reported and what preference is given teach case based on he connections and the money these people pay. In the courts we will see how many cases are heard in a particular day and how the judges can improve efficiency in the judicial system. The general public can be questioned about how often they face such harassments and how do they cope with these problems?

Primary research will have some limitations; the officials will not be very forthcoming with the information as it would prove inefficiency on their part. They will try and put the blame on other people which will provide us with a distorted version of the bigger picture. Also, secondary research reports on such topics are confidential and are not easily available. To get this information, a person has to be well connected. We will start with the secondary research initially and try and get as much information as possible.

This will help us in the ground work; we will have our facts and figures ready to counter question the officials and know if they are lying or not. As primary research would require more time, we would start early and continue through out. Compilation of the work would take place in the last few days, but most of the data which needs to be categorized will be done simultaneously with the research being carried out. This would help save the hassle in the end. There is an example of what happens to the poor in Pakistan just because of the unjust system prevailing.

This incident took place in Islamabad, the city of bureaucrats. “A driver engaged by a bureaucrat in Islamabad wanted to quit his job. He was allowed to do so if only he makes good Rs 70,000 stolen by him and paid another Rs 80,000 for the unstitched clothes stolen by his wife. The police had been called in, the driver and his wife have been asked to stay put or face police brutalities. When, this incident was told to a friend, the latter came out with a similar story. The maidservant in another house in Islamabad has been accused of stealing Rs 250,000.

She could not leave the employer till full amends are made. She is forced to serve them for years. ” (Pakistan’s record in ‘good governance’ worst in sub-continent IKRAMUL HAQ, http://www. brecorder. com/index. php? id=475403&currPageNo=1&query=&search=&term=&supDate) This shows the level the rich and famous are willing to stoop to get their way. These incidents have become quite common, but cruelty does not exist only among the rich. Burglaries and murders of the upper class have become a regular thing during the past few years. We can say that the lower class is retaliating, but is this the way?

Precautionary steps should be taken to avoid such happenings in the future. “Though Pakistan has specifically aimed at good governance as a priority under the second generation reforms, it is an elusive goal as indicated by a recent research study of the Mahbubul Haq Human Development Report 2006. It has presented a comparative study of the status of governance in South Asian countries based on the four indicators which have been devised by the World Bank to judge the governance competence of a country. These indicators are Government Effectiveness, Voice and Accountability, Political Stability and the Rule of Law.

” (Pakistan’s record in ‘good governance’ worst in sub-continent IKRAMUL HAQ, http://www. brecorder. com/index. php? id=475403&currPageNo=1&query=&search=&term=&supDate) Conclusion In this proposal we have given you a brief picture of what our discussion is based on and how we will go about it. We have recognized the problems and are focusing on finding solutions to these problems. Questions have been addressed to many and focus on a wide variety of problems, this will eventually help us in distinguishing which problems are overlapping and which are the basic cause of the worst governance system in the world.

As mentioned earlier justice is not a privilege but a right; it is a right which should be available to all people in a country or community. Lawless countries such as Pakistan are facing many difficulties. Crime, in any sector or area is high. Mostly our paper will show the role of the political institutions of Pakistan, in preventing crime and prevailing justice. In the article Pakistan’s record in ‘good governance’ worst in sub-continent, by IKRAMUL HAQ, is mentioned that when a state has a weak democratic governance system it is because of the political institutions.

When they remain unchecked they by the political power the institution will fail. There is more to democracy than just having elections, which in Pakistan are conducted often enough. http://www. brecorder. com/index. php? id=475403&currPageNo=1&query=&search=&term=&supDate) Reference List Courting the Washington Twins at the Cost of Economic Justice; by Hassan N. Gardezi. Questia http://www. questia. com/googleScholar. qst;jsessionid=HJbJhLKGtBrlCk1btqSnmJBnTny4SB26nyBJBhsM3rlfD1cp7qTV! 1909031969? docId=97786006

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