Human Right and Human Development in Pakistan

IntroductionHuman rights are the rights possessed by all persons as human beings.We as a human being deserve human rights. Human rights include economic, social and cultural rights as well as civil and political freedom. Universal human rights are assured by making different laws, policies and making efforts on national and international level .but because of unlimited wants and growing international, national and regional inequalities, there is a need to realize that human rights are very important for the human development.

Human development is indicated by the facilities provided to the people by the authorities such as education, health, freedom etc. These all are human rights. So, we can say human rights and human development are mutually essential. Withoutgiving human rights human development is not possible .right based development is the need of the need of the world. OBJECTIVES

* Our objective is to throw light on the fact that human rights and human development is mutually essential. * We come to know about the impact of human rights on human development. * We also come across the human rights violation in Pakistan. * We also discuss the steps which are taken on national and international level to secure human rights and get human development. * Our objective is to through light on the problems which are faced by Pakistan in implementing policies related to human rights. Human right and human development policies on international level * UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS:

After the Second World War and its severe results had attracted the attention of the countries of the world. There was need arises to make a draft to stop tyranny and human right violation and remove biasness. United nation general assembly had formed a committee under the supervision of ELEANOR ROOSEVELT.

Their duty was to make a draft that consists on the list of basic human right s which is recognized by the world. And its major task was to bring a draft which all countries of the world could easily adopt .this draft was presented on 10 December, 1948.which was given the name of universal declaration of human rights. It objective was to defend human rights and and protect the life of people. On national and international level this declaration has got much more importance.That declaration wasconsisted on 30 articles which contain the list of following human rights. * Education

* Health* Freedom from violence* Rule of law* Freedom of expression* Freedom of thoughts and religionCountries were not forced to adopt declaration but this declaration has set the standards for the better life.this declaration was welcomed by the world and improved the human right situation in the world. * HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORTs

When we look at the human development reports such as 1994, 1995 ,2000 all these focus on human rights for human development. Now we would separately throw light on these reports. Human development report 1994

This report focus on human security for human development rather than securities of arms or territories. Human security is also a human right and this contributesto sustainable human development. Human development report 1995

In this report our focus is on anotherhuman right means gender inequality which is another hurdle in the way of human development. The main focus of this report is to bring gender equality for sustainable human development. Human development report 2000

This report shows a relationship between human rights and human development. According to this report for sustainable development human rights such freedom of expression is also very important. This report also show a relative governance and human development, and also say that for giving political right democracy is very important. And we give all these right this would lead us to development. * THE Millennium DEVELOPMENT GOAL

Millennium development goals were presented by the general assembly on September 2000. The objective of MDG’S is to provide just guide lines to development not the solutions. According to it hunger and poverty will be reduced till 2015aur it would be half then the past. some of the all MDG’S goals are given below, * decrease child mortality

* bring improvement in maternal health* make eradication in AID’S HIV* eradication of gender in equality* achieve the universal primary educationMillennium development goals were adopted by the different countries of the world. By making policies to achieve the target of MDG’ goals will lead to human as well as eco development

LITERATURE REVIEWHuman rights and human development is mutually essential. Without the implementation of human right human development is not possible. In this project we would through light on views and studies of different writers which are stated below. Daniel Kaufman

According to him development is related to human rights .he also favors rights based approach to development .he says that instead of focusing on giving social and economic rights govt. should make political arrangement for the implementation of the rights through policies. He also say that we also take steps to Daniel Kaufman:

He describes the relationship between human rights and human development but he makes critical evaluation on human right based approach to development. for the successful development strategy we must guarantee the economic freedom this will contribute much in sustainable human development rather the back-up of social and economic rights. Sakikofukuda- parr:

He uses amartyasen approach and try to know the relationship between human rights and human development. Human rights are the centre point of the human development .because sen views like capabilities of functioning and fundamental frame work cannot be achieved without the human report.

Laure-Helene piton and Tammie O’Neil September 2005.

According to this study OECD’DAC committee had governed net work of action for making policies.

Human dev reports

In 1994,1995 and 2000 also shows link between human right and human development. Universal declaration on human right Universal declaration on human rights also focused on right based approach to development. Islam and human rights The world has recognized the importance of human rights after the Second World War and presents a declaration for ensuring human rights for the people of the world. Islam has given these rights 14 years ago for all human beings.

We cannot they say that universal declaration of human right is a western project, without the contribution of Muslim countries it was not possible to give the list of human rights because Islam gives the right to all human being .according to universal declaration of human right rights belongs to ideas but Islam is against this approach according to Islam rights belongs to individuals.

Most of the Islamic countries of the world has formed and Islamic organization conference in 1969 and working under it from decades. They have passed a resolution under which all these countries would work for the solidarity of Islam would work to assure human rights of all individual. (In 2008 Pakistanidiplomat ASMA FATIMA said that opposing Islamic expressionsviews approach is hurting the people of Muslim countries.)


Current situation in PakistanStatement of the problem:Why Pakistan is underdeveloped in spite of having wide range of natural and human resources? Why Pakistan have been failed to implement the human rights? Why human rights are contributing less to human development? Empirical analysis

Data sourcingWe have collected the secondary data for our HRD project. We have collected the data from human rights commission of Pakistan 2011 and human development report 2011. We have taken the current year data of Pakistan for empirical analysis of human rights condition in Pakistan. Methodology

According to the above statement of the problem which is given above we would through light on those factors which are behind the low level of human development and violation of human rights in Pakistan we examines the different rights which are available to the people of Pakistan.

We also through light on the performance of government related to making policies regarding human right based development. We would also come to know about the measure which are taken by the government of Pakistan for the human development implementation of human rights we also look at the suggestion that would improve the condition of human rights and human development in Pakistan HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE CONSTITUTION OF PAKISTAN

Pakistan has made efforts in the constitution of Pakistan for giving the human rights for the human development. And for getting the human development Pakistan has tried to give human rights in the constitution. And we would through light some of the following steps which are included in the constitution for getting sustainable development. Preamble of constitution

According to the preamble of constitution of Pakistan every citizen of a country would be treated according to law and would enjoy the protection of law. Article (4)If a person does not have resources it does not mean he would be treated be cruelly his rights would be protected by the rule of law. Article (9)All citizens would be equally protected by law and would be equalbefore the law. Article (25)The discrimination on the basis of gender would be avoided.

POLICIES OF PAKISTAN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS & HUMAN DEVELOPMENTGovernment of Pakistan failed to bring new constitution and its main priority is to just make amendments in the present laws .focus of the policy is to improve the women conditions and remove gender inequality in Pakistan which is very essential for the human development. Following steps were taken by the govt.

* a resolution was passed by the Punjab assembly for stopping violence against women and giving them rights according to Islam. * Chief justice of Lahore high court promised to give representations to women on bench but nothing has been done so far. * Act relating to sexual-harassment was passed but not implemented. * Central budget 2011_ 2012 has not introduce new projects for the women development

HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATIONS IN PAKISTANPakistan has to face external and internal socio economic problems which are causing hurdles in sustainable human development. Political situation in Pakistan are not supporting human development. Human rights are violated in Pakistan because there is no coordination between govt and the spite of different policies related to human rights they are not contributing to human development. Law & order

* Becauseof violence in Karachi 1715 people were killed in Pakistan. * Drone-attackshave killed 517 people.* Injustice has given to rise to crime rate.Freedom of expression* As a punishment of expressing views 16 journalist were killed. * They are facing risk of life for the expression of ideas. * Salaries are not given to them in spite of great risk of life. Jails & prisons

* In the jail of Pakistan 78000 criminals are under trial. * In 2011 92 criminals were died because of violence in prison. * In 2011 313 peoplewere punished to death.Political participation* Fake registration of voters has come to know is 45%.* Violence of Karachi had killed 329 political agents.* Gov. is failing to reestablish the local government system. ` Women rights* Because of domestic violence and poverty 701 women has condemned suicide. * And 428 have tried to condemned suicide.* On domestic violence 45000 cases have been reported.* Government is failing to implement the sexual harassment act. Children right* Because of mal-nutrition infant mortality rate in Pakistan is 63.3% over 1000 children. * In Punjab 39% increase in mal-nutrition among children was observed among children.

Labor right* Injuries and diseases are found in the 30% of employed labor. * Laborers were bounded to work in most of the areas of Sindh. Out of them 3407 laborers were released in 2011. Education* 33% school going children in Pakistan are out of the school and they do not attend the school. * And 50% school going children’s from primary to secondary level dropped out.

SuggestionsFor improving human development in Pakistan we have the following suggestion .through adopting these suggestion we can successfully adopt right based approach to development.

* Without the justice and implementation of rule of law we cannot achieve our goal of sustainable economic development. * Poor countries can make faster growth through taking measures against poverty and realizing the importance of human rights in sustainable economic development. * There is a need to change the international governance system which does not raise the voice of poor countries. * There is a need to create awareness among the people about their rights. * Such culture should be change which is responsible for the violation of human rights.

SUMMARYPakistan has to face very difficult situation because of the socioeconomic and political condition that prevails in is difficult for Pakistan to implement human rights policies and achieve sustainable human development. Human rights and human development is affected by various external and internal factors which we have stated above. This show a slow growth in human development of Pakistan. After the making brief emphasis we come to this point that human development is impossible without proper implementation of human right and human development .So, human right and human development are mutually essential.