Government run agency

Government run agency – good for identifying local candidates for relatively straight forward jobs. The job centre service is free to employers and is most useful for advertising. Advertising They advertise internal posts on company notice board and for the external the use the internet, newspapers and agency's to advertise. Advertising allows the employer to reach a wider audience. The choice of advertising media (e. g. national newspaper, internet, specialist magazine etc) depends on the requirement for the advert to reach a particular audience and, crucially, the advertising budget.

Employment / recruitment agencies They use businesses to specialise in recruitment and selection. They often specialise in recruitment for specific sectors (e. g. , finance and travel). They usually provide a shortlist of candidates based on the people registered with the agency. Lex Transfleet shortlist the candidates this means that they come up with a decision and pick out the best candidates who they think are capable of the job. Because they can't keep all of the candidates they have to choose the best ones and make it into a short list.

The short list candidates match the criteria well e. g. the job description and person specification. Lex Transfleet interview this is where the manager will ask face-to-face questions to see if the candidate is suitable for the job. The managers will interview the candidates and then judge the candidate to see if he/she is capable of doing the job or not in the interview the candidates are asked all sorts of questions these questions are asked by the people who are interviewing the candidate.

Lex Transfleet then contacts the successful applicants by telephone or sending them a letter telling them that they are successful they passed the interview and are capable of doing this job. Lex Transfleet then waits for a reply to see if the candidate is still up for wanting this job that they have been selected for and are successful of having the job. D2 – Explain why Lex Transfleet uses the procedures that they do to recruit and select

Lex Transfleet recruits internally because its much easier and when they recruit internally there would be a short induction period and also when the recruit internally they would find a more experienced candidate. Also recruiting internally it saves cost and it is less risky and they already know the person. Lex Transfleet uses a job description because it summarises the key facts related to the job also helps the candidate to see what jobs they are going to be doing and have an idea of what kind of salary they are going to be given.

It also shows the responsibilities and the job titles so only people who can do the role will apply and it saves time. Lex Transfleet use a person's specification because it enables the employer to think about what type of person they are looking for and what kind of qualifications they want the candidate to have and also see what qualifications they have that are required for the job, so it is effective as it ensures Lex Transfleet is recruiting the right person and this eliminate everyone applying for the job saving time for Lex and making it more efficient. People who meet the internal will apply for.

Lex Transfleet uses an external agency because it avoids expensive advertising cost and so the business more efficient and also the managers can use their time more efficiently in doing more urgent work so Lex Transfleet is more efficient. They also refund cost if the candidate proves be unsatisfactory. Also the managers in Lex can get on with more important things to do with the business which makes it more efficient. Lex Transfleet uses standard application forms because they get more information about the candidate so they don't waste time in looking for detail on CV's.

The CV might not have the information that Lex Transfleet is looking for in a candidate and that would be waste of time. Lex Transfleet use external agencies to advertise for the job because the advertising process helps Lex meet its staffing needs very effectively and it helps the candidate as well because they can start contacting Lex Transfleet if they think they are suitable an interested in the job and to get an application form. Also external agencies refund if the employee is unsatisfied.

Lex Transfleet use short list applicant because they don't have to waste there time to interview everyone they can just pick out the ones that they think suitable for the job and match the job specification. Also reduces the cost for Lex Transfleet by interviewing the right people instead of interviewing everyone. At Lex managers are trained to carry out an interview again to make sure best person is chosen for the job. Lex Transfleet interview because they can get to see the person and ask questions face to face to check if the candidate's information is correct the way they have said about themselves.

This helps Lex Transfleet in many ways because they can compare the person to the job description and find out if they are suitable for the job or not. The interview is also carried out by the manager in Lex and are free from discrimination there are all fair candidates and they are all asked the same questions and Lex compare them easily and pick the right person for the job. Also the questions that are asked face to face are predetermined so all candidates are asked the same; easier to compare the responses to pick the best person and free from discrimination.

Lex Transfleet contact the successful candidate in writing and send out a contract because it lets the candidate know that Lex Transfleet have accepted them for the job and it also helps Lex Transfleet so they know that the employee has accepted the job. D3- Evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment process and selection process and suggest improvements to the documentations and procedures I think the recruitment and selection process that Lex Transfleet uses is very effective because Lex Transfleet gives out a job description which helps the candidate to know what they're job titles are and the roles and responsibilities.

The advertising helps Lex Transfleet get more employees to apply for the job and contact them easily rather than finding the actually company. Lex Transfleet also gives a person specification which is good because it helps the candidate to see what kind of person Lex Transfleet is looking for and what qualifications they need for the job. They only get people who meet the criteria applying; saving time and making the system more efficient and free from discrimination so it cant be fined.

I think the process can be improved by giving the candidates a chance to have a trial before they actually start working because later on if there not satisfied with the job they will leave so they could employ them on a temporary basis and this will affect Lex Transfleet because they will loose an employee which is bad an affects the business. The advertising should be done more often so the company is more known and Lex Transfleet might come across more experienced candidates who are better.

Also Lex Transfleet can update the job description and person specification accurate one suitable person can be chosen for the job and regularly so that it is more accurate and this will get them a better person. Lex should also do a panel interview more often so they can get 3 people to interview so then can get more accurate results and set the tight person for the job. Unit 2 People in Business – Lex Transfleet E E1- Training procedures in Lex Transfleet Staff Training at Lex Transfleet Staff training and development

Staff training is what most business's encourages their staff to do so that they can develop their skills and abilities. In Lex Transfleet it benefits all the employees because they gain a lot of knowledge. Staff training is given to employees when they need to learn new things and gain more knowledge so in future they can take on more responsibilities. Staff training is very important to the business because the employees need to gain more skills and if they need help on certain things which they need to go over and get trained on.