Disciplinary policy

The job is to operate in a busy call centre which should provide professional assistance to the Lex Transfleet customers, to there contract of the vehicles. To ensure that Jonathon Buckley is right one for this job to prove this he also needed an educational background, including good Gcse grades in maths literacy skills, and he also needed some experience in a call centre job before. Jonathon Buckley should have a fair communication with the customers and suppliers and is also responsible for the recruitment, training and development of the team itself.

Jonathon Buckley needs to be self motivated within the job so in a way he has to motivate around others so that he has the willingness to learn more about the of being a manager for the customer service in Lex Transfleet. He has to show a mature side of himself which lead to be quiet professional and has to have strength in himself so he can actually work with others and provide new techniques and improvements within the business. Jonathon Buckley gets paid 19,000 a year for being a customer service manager.

Lex Transfleet is looking for special abilities in Jonathon he needs to have excellent communication skills and listening skills. This is needed as the job is based on talking to customers and listening to them. Task B2 A contract is a very important document it's an agreement towards the job of an employee, which also occurs to an employee. Every employee or an employer must agree towards the contract that they are given and has to accept every single detail and the points given in a contract.

When an employee is given a contract they sign an also look through the contract before signing it and then must be capable to everything and should do it how it is all set out and aimed towards. I am going to be looking a contract of employment for an operator for Lex Transfleet. You're Role This section tells the employee their job title and the manager that they will need to be reporting to.

This also states that the employee will receive their job description by the manager from work. The job description sets out the responsibilities of the job. You're Location This section is tells the employee on about where your normal work place would be an how you would require a change due to where you live and if you have problems like if its to far then am sure they would move you to another branch that would be appropriate to your ability of getting there. You're Start Date

This section tells the employee when the starting date is work from a certain date which you agreed to from the contract from that day so on you will be starting work. When it wills begin and when it will finish. You're Working Hours This section tells the employee about how many hours they will be working due to the agreement in the contract and it tells you that you will get a lunch break everyday however it also tells them how they must keep up with the job they are given and the their ability. Your pay

This section tells the employee about the actual salary or the wage that they are going to receive monthly or yearly, which means in detail you will be notified about how much your are given when it's going to be given and where about in which account your are going to be receiving it at and also states a bit where it says there's a certain change that is going to be made an it will ensure the employee in a weeks time before changes are made. This section tells the employee that they will be paid by cheque or money put in to their bank account. Contract status

The section tells the employee that is a fixed term contract and gives them the date when it will terminate. It also explains how many weeks notice they both; the employer and employee need to give to terminate the contract. This section tells the employee that they will need to fill a medical questionnaire which has been sent with the contract and they will need to prove their identity by bringing in a passport or some form of identification. Finally this tells the employee where they will have to report to on their first day. The second part of the contract of employment is the 'Statement of Terms of Employment'.

I will be describing what this section contains for the employee. Job Role- This section tells the employee their job title. It explains that this is the contract of employment. Holiday Entitlement This section tells the employee the number of holidays that they can take in a year. The year runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March. This also explains that they will get paid public holidays. This section explains how they can take holidays. They will need to agree it with their manager in an advance. Long service holiday To recognise the commitment, this section tells the employee that they increase the holiday entitlement to.

Sick pay Sick pay entitles you to be paid when you are off sick and are absence for quiet a few days. Your hours of work How many hours you will be working and the time you start and finish. Pension scheme Pension scheme is when you can receive pension during the period of when you are working and can earn pension when you retired. Data protection Uses the employee's data so that they can use it for salary as in bank details so that the wages can go straight to the bank. Working time regulations You have to work more than 48 hours per week within the contract and how the hours are limited.

Ending your employment How you can end you employment within 1 months notice or automatically when you've reached the age of 65. The way we work They way Lex Transfleet employers work is well mannered and show enough respect to both themselves and to the other workers. They are also given a RAC Plc handbook this includes all the policies which include policies on the following: I think the contract meets the needs… the contract of Lex Transfleet is quiet good, even though I think a few changes could be applied for the employers benefit.

I think that Lex Transfleet's terms and conditions should be more reliable and not to strict the working hours should be flexible for the employee because the employer might want early hours depending on what's more suitable for themselves. The contract explains a bit where it says "sick pay" I think that the contract shouldn't always be based on a early sick payment e. g…. the employee has just started work an falls ill an expects Lex Transfleet to pay even though they have jus started it should be like the employee gets use to the business a few months then asks for a holiday.

Flexible hours in the contract should be that the worker works more than 48 hours in a week that's the least and if employee is due to work more than that then it should be acceptable towards the contract. Although Lex Transfleet allows sick pay as in when the employer has a week of not knowing how much they might loose during each day they take off when there sick. The terms and conditions of Lex Transfleet's contract should be more in detail and more understandable so that there is no difficulty in understanding what the terms mean and say.

The employee that is going to be employed after signing the contract should always be capable of what they are doing because if the employee hasn't experienced the job that they are willing to do it would be hopeless to employ the employee. The contract mentions a pension scheme within the contract but the contract only allows this pension scheme when the employee stays with Lex Transfleet until they retire at a certain age I think that the pension scheme should be given at a older age but to the people who are working within Lex Transfleet rather than it being who has worked longer for the company.

The whole contract is based on everything that is suitable for the employer although I think that the contract should be bigger as in the information given still isn't quiet understandable. I think that the contract points should be a bit longer and easier to understand within the employer's point of view. If I was to fill in Lex Transfleet contract to be an employer then I would suggest it my self that there should be changes made towards the contract so in the future there wouldn't be such advanced mistakes made within the contract.

Also when the employees are over the age of 65 they will be allowed to join a pension scheme and could also join the trade union there's lots of things that an employee or a employer can do that improves the relationship between both Lex and employees because Lex Transfleet always makes the employees feel more comfortable and wanted to the business and are always reasonable. The employers have a good relationship with the employer it is the disciplinary and the grievance procedures that are in place which every employee a handbook with the details in it so disputes can be resolved quick.

Lex Transfleet support the law on working hours therefore the employer does not have to work more than 48 hours per week. This is good because if an employee feels that they are too busy and do not have any time to work extra hours, they do not have to explain themselves to their manager or employer, they simply do not work the extra hours. This helps the employee stay on good terms with the employer because they are not doing anything.

Overall this contract is really good to others but it requires a few changes I think that the layout of the contract should be simplified more to make it easier for both employee and employer. These changes could be made easily and the contract will therefore attract the employees faster than they were before. Also this will motivate them to read the contract so that they know all the terms to avoid any problems in the future. The employee should always be meeting the term of their contract if the employee did not meet the terms of their contract then they wouldn't be entitled to the job.

The employee should not be discriminated because of whom they are if the employee wasn't given the job because they were Asian or white then that would turn into a racial act of discrimination. The employee should be getting a good wage because if they weren't given an equal pay then it would be know unfair to be working in the same department but given a different pay towards the others. The employee should always be working in a safe environment to prevent an accident and should be told about the health and safety regulations. The rights of employers at Lex Transfleet:-

1 To pay the employee a standard rate of which they would prefer or more reliable to it according to the job that they are doing. 2 To consult the employee over important matters which might affect changes to the terms and conditions of the employees terms of contract. 3 To treat the employee equal and fairly within the team. 4 To make sure that the employee does not be discriminated by others and to be looked out for when there is a problem. 5 To take responsibility within the team and to be given help whenever and should also be teaching new skills and tasks on how they should be done.

The employer of Lex Transfleet should be giving out a fare amount of wage for the employees if one and another were given a different wage but are doing the same job then that would be unfair on the employee that is receiving low wage. The employer should always be explaining the terms of condition in the Lex Transfleet contract although if there are changes made then there should be a notice before the changes are made to the contract. The employer should always treat the employee in a correct manner an equal on how they treat others if the employee was treated in a bad way because they were female then it wouldn't be rite.

The employer should always know on how well the employee is getting along by meeting the terms and conditions also checking if they have any problems or comments about how they feel an how they are treated. The employer should always be keeping the tasks and skills up to date so if something new is to be introduced in the business then the employer should always make sure that the employees all know about it, the employer should also be putting the team together and making sure that no one is doing the wrong and not having any problem towards anything.