Consumer Protections act

The internal type of customers is people who is working in the business and is part of the organisation. An internal customer can be anyone in the organization. An internal customer can be a co-worker, another department, or a distributor who depends upon us to provide products or services. In general, internal customers don’t have a choice. For example, if the sales department doesn’t like accounting’s credit policies, they can’t fire that department and hire another. Customer expectations in Lex Transfleet Here are the main expectations that customers have when making a purchase form any business.

1. Every customer will expect to find a wide range and variety of goods and services form the business. Customers offer a variety of services. The customer would also expect to have a guarantee on the item that they purchased because the customer has a claim to return what they do not want. Lex offer a range of services to its customers e. g. truck rental and lots more. 2. Any customer will expect value for money from the business but also want to have good quality of service or product. At Lex Transfleet they make sure that they provide a good price and good assistance during.

At Lex Transfleet they work 24 hours a day to provide a good service they can give to their customers. They have 11 operators that are employed to do shifts to take calls for breakdowns. Lex also believes it is important for good delivery service, so they train a team of people to do this job. 3. To deal with queries quickly – At Lex Transfleet it is very important that queries are dealt with quickly because to, the person in the breakdown or whatever situation that person is in would want to get of the situation there in very quickly.

To make this process successful Lex has a team of people that are ready for the job whenever there is a call. The teams then monitor the situation and then the people best suited for the job are sent off to do it. 4. To provide with clear and honest information – This is very important for any customer because to they would want to know what is going on they have a right. It is also important for them because if it is not clear and accurate then they may miss hear something that is vital for them to know.

At Lex they ensure that the communication with the customer is effective, they have monthly team meetings to discuss the key issues, developments and also new customers who have joined. 5. To have a clear communication systems. This is important because if the person attending the job misses some key information then this can cause a bigger problem for them. An example of this is; say a person is stuck on the motorway and have called out for Lex but the line is not clear and the person at Lex Transfleet miss heard what they said then the person could end up going to the wrong place.

In Lex Transfleet they have a good communication system because they constantly update the jobs and their system is also automatic, which makes it very accurate. This has the benefit of speeding up the authorisation process which then reduces the number of phone calls leaving more benefits for the customer. 6. To build good relationships with customers – This is important because this will give the customer a better welcoming and would make them feel more comfortable. At Lex Transfleet they have monthly discussions with the customers to fill them in on any essential information.

This is good for the customer because then they know what is going on within the business. 7. Providing sales after service. This is very important to the customer because the customer will then keep coming back to you. If you remind the customers of how good your business is and that you care about your customers then they will surely stick with you. In Lex Transfleet they have the benefit of having the meetings so within them meetings the customer is free to discuss any issues they have and therefore the employee has then got the right to discuss anything further with its client. 8.

To have easy access – In Lex Transfleet you may call the centre at any time because they are open 24/7. This is a benefit for the customer because if they have an accident at night they are then still able to get help. Consumer Laws and Legislations Trade description act 1968 This act makes it illegal to give a false description of a good. This covers description in writing, in advertisements or in anything, which the seller says when discussing the good with the customer. The also covers the way in which goods are priced. Lex meets these as they do not do false advertising, products or prices.

Health and safety at work act 1974 This act will ensure an organisation maintains a healthy and a safe working environment. In case of a shop or business with public access, this law protects visiting customers who might slip on a wet floor or trip over boxes or be injured in many other different ways. Lex Transfleet covers these as all the products and services are all tested. The Food Act 1984 Makes it an offence to sell food which is unfit for human consumption or to treat food in such a way that it becomes a danger to health.

This would be the case for example if too much fat were added to a beef burger or harmful colouring to children’s sweets. It also covers the labelling of food in connection with its contents, other ingredients and artificial colorants and preservatives. These parts of the Act are concerned with the ways in which people may be mislead about the quality of food an what has been put into it. This Act also lays down strict hygiene regulations for shops that handle food. Weights and Measures Act 1963 and 1979

These Acts cover the weights and measures of goods sold and the labelling of quantities on packaging. Basically it is an offence to sell short-weight or measures, but since 1980 a short weight packet in itself is no longer an offence. Average weight is now the system of control and only if the average of a batch falls below the stated level is it an offence. This does not apply to pre-packed goods such as meat, or beer and spirits from the pub. Health and safety at work act 1974 This act means that the employer has to provide a safe and healthy work place.

The law protects people from also visiting the business. Lex Transfleet offer good protection for its employees like the employer carries out risk assessments, which requires the supervisor or employer to identify any potential dangers or risks. If Lex Transfleet do not follow this act and they make their working place harmful then it could result to them closing down as it would not be a safe environment for the employees to be working in. Lex does follow this act as they carry out risk assessments. The data protection act 1998

This act is the use of any personal information that is held by Lex Transfleet which is stored both in files and on the computer. A problem that is often found in this is that some information could be wrong. An example of this is that your file may say that you earn a lot of money and you also have another job, when really you don’t. Also your information may be passed on without the person knowing. If Lex Transfleet to not abide by this law and they pass on the details of their customers to other third party businesses then they would be breaking the law, and this could result to something severe.