Current Event on Criminal Justice

The aspect of criminal justice plays a significant role in the society mainly on the field of the promotion and preservation of peace and order that transcend the different structure, organization, and institution in the social population. As such, the aspect of criminal justice deals primarily on organizing the interactions and structure in the society through the strict implementation of the legal structure and system rectified and amended by the duly appointed council.

In general, the criminal justice field manifests as the actual implementation of the legal structure and system for the achievement of the ideal nature of peace and order in the society. However, in the present, several contemporary issues contradict the common characteristics and ideal nature of criminal justice. One significant issue in this aspect is the unethical nature of racial disparity particularly on the implementation of the drug-sentencing field for offenders of the said aspect.

Indeed, the drug law is amended to hinder the detrimental influence of drug offenses in the society however, recent studies regarding the drug-sentencing discretion relates that a certain degree of discrimination affects this aspect. As reported by Krainson and the civil rights groups, drug-sentencing discretion disfavors the African American society over the past few years (2007).

This is manifested by the statistical studies relating that incarcerated African Americans offenders outnumbers those from other races despite the fact that other races namely the Whites and Latinos make up a significant portion of the crack cocaine user population. (Krainson, 2007). Indeed, the racial disparity problem in the application of the drug law creates certain bias and racism in the criminal justice field producing detrimental influences on the social condition of the population.

Because of this disparity, it is likely that the criminal justice field subject more the African American society towards criminal offenses thus, overlooking the fact that most offenders are from the other races. As such, the need for the developing an equal and biased-freed criminal justice field is indeed important for the ideal nature and effective application of the said system towards the achievement of peace and order in the society.

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