Curbing criminality

The reality of the American prison system and it’s almost apparent “failure’ in curbing criminality and violence is definitely appalling. This is the news today on the burgeoning prison system from a major online server host. More than a million inmates that the government funds and more will be coming to get inside has probably boggled the minds those people in Washington in charge that hopefully, they will stop coming in. However, that will probably happen in the next several years.

Demographics reveal also that for an average of nine deaths occur daily among the 19 years old and below. The necessity for preventive approach then, is certainly an understatement if people look at the grave facts that this country is facing concerning violence. This paper is a brief summary and review of how an effective violence reduction program looks like and how its efficacy is measured (Satcher, 2007). The US government had made great strides in the understanding and prediction of crimes and propensity for violence.

The decades 80s and 90s were turbulent with seemingly unpreventable rise of criminality and/or violence among the youth specifically, and the prevailing mood was apathy concerning possible solutions to the problem. Many grabbed whatever means and methods that might help, oftentimes without a studied focus on the efficacy, ramifications or possible consequences of actions and complications. It was very fortunate that the succeeding years, researches produced a systematic manner of intervention and reduction programs and had, to a large extent, had proven effective (Satcher, 2007).

It is in this context that Rhode Island’s Violence Prevention Network (RIVPN) is thus introduced. According to reports, only a few of the hundreds of violence reduction programs have gone through evaluative procedures to determine their effectiveness. Rhode Island’s network had shown its performance well according to the components that are indicators of good to excellent factors for an effective program. What are these factors or components and what are strategies that are deemed ineffective? The following are important and essential components that any program should possess: