Criminal Justice Judges

Many judges in the criminal court system are not only overworked, but also must contend with the worst of society. How does the role and responsibility of a judge differ in a real-life courtroom as opposed to the mystique portrayed in the movies or on television? Judges in the court system do not have the luxury as portrayed on television, many judges that I have come into contact with would not allow disrespect or out burse from a defendant or the spectators in his/her courtroom.

There is strict courtroom etiquette; inappropriate behavior would be lead to contempt of court. Judges on television has to make the show interesting, by making jokes about some of the claims that come before them, otherwise the show would not be interesting and lose ratings. Real life judges are excellent communicators and get right to the point, unlike judges on television wants your whole life story, and pretend to be Dr. Phil. Most judges are older in real life than the judges portrayed on television.

Television has gotten one thing right. There are judges who are vulnerable to corruption. For example, there is a Louisiana judge arrested of corruption charges. A news release alleging the judge “entered into an illegal agreement with unnamed lawyers in which Judge Cresap accepted money to convert secured bonds to unsecured personal surety bonds, thereby allowing the releases of charged individuals on signatures, and without collateral security.

” The prosecutor said the bond arrangement “deprived citizens of (Cresap’s) honest services in the course of his officials duties. ” La. judge arrested in alleged bond scheme United Press International – April 25, 2009 In conclusion, judges fall under many scrutinies and need to be mindful that they also are not above the law. Many judges are over whelmed with back a logged cases that has to come before their courtroom.