Criminal Justice In 1990

There are only few victim assistance programs for crime victims with disabilities, gang members and the elderly. In 1990 the criminal justice system and private non-profit victim assistance programs have designed new programs to provide services to victims as described above (NVAA, 2000). Statistical overview shows that women are more prone to have developmental disability; children who are handicapped are more susceptible to abuse. In 1999 54 million Americans are reported to have some level of disability in which 26 million are of severe case (NVAA, 2000).

The statistic shows that there is a big gap between the advocates of individuals who are victimized and those who ensure that justice is served for the rights of the crime victims. A better understanding of the issue regarding victimization of disabled persons forges coalition that will improve treatment for crime victims with disabilities. In meeting the needs of crime victims with disabilities, elderly and other individuals, it is important to know the scope and causes of victimization.

How the 1990 criminal justice applies to juvenile and criminal justice, and learning to effectively respond to the victims. By learning to respond to the victim it is important to note this example: Some who are deaf may communicate with sign interpreters or be comfortable with lip-reading alone. There are different devices in order to facilitate effective communication. The American Disability Act (ADA) is providing guidelines on the improvement of needed services to victim assistance program which is being enforced by the criminal justice system.

Such are following: a. Removal of barriers which restrict mobility of individuals with disability b. Non discrimination on the usage of physical facilities. c. Ensure effective communication between the professional criminal justice worker and the victim of criminal abuse. REFERENCES: NVAA. (2000). Chapter 15 Victimization of Individuals with Disabilities [Electronic Version] from http://www. ojp. usdoj. gov/ovc/assist/nvaa2000/academy/chapter15. htm.