Compare and Contrast Paper

AT&T vs. Verizon IPhones which network provider is better? It is the iPhone battle AT&T vs. Verizon for over three years, iPhone owners have grumbled about drop calls and slow service and prices on AT&T the exclusive cellular network for Apple’s iPhones. Now they have a chance to see if Verizon can do any better. On February 10, AT&T will no longer be the only network offering the iPhone. With Verizon also offering iPhones, it is leaving many users wondering if they should switch. In the economy today everyone is always looking for ways to save money.

By comparing AT&T vs. Verizon iPhone 4 cost, plans, services and speed. The user will be more knowledgeable on which carrier is best for you and your budget. Cost In comparing AT&T and Verizon and the cost of their iPhones one of the first things to look for when buying anything is the price how much it will cost. AT&T and Verizon are both great networks that offer the iPhone and iPhone4. Verizon customers will pay the same as AT&T as least for the device itself. AT&T and Verizon carries both the 16GB and the 32GB iPhone, at the same price with the 16GB cost at $199.

99 with a new 2-year contract or the 32GB for $299. 99 with a new 2-year contract. If the buyer is already an AT&T customer and do not qualify for a full upgrade discount to get an iPhone the price of the phone will cost $599. Now with Verizon iPhone 4, the no-contract price is tag is a whopping $649. 99 or $749. 99, a full $400 over the two year contract price. If you want the 16GB model, a no-contract next-gen iPhone will set you back $599 vs. $199 with contract. Of course, that might not be an option for those who already have contracts.

Typically, AT&T and Verizon do not offer current subscribers discounted upgrades pricing option until a certain amount of time varies depending on the size of your monthly bill, whether you make your payment on times and other factors. Plan When comparing AT&T vs. Verizon the data plans is the second thing a buyer needs to look at since data plans or required for an iPhone, now the question is Which data plan is better? When looking at plans for your iPhone you want to find the best data plan but also the voice and text plan is also very important.

AT&T, for its part, dropped its unlimited smartphone data plan in June last year in favor the two tiered options. AT&T offers 2 different prices for their monthly data plan with the 200mb priced at $15 per month, and 2 GB priced at $25per month. Neither AT&T nor Verizon offers bundles for data; each phone has to have its own data plan. While Verizon requires an unlimited data plan for iPhone 4 owners, it is said that the plan will be available for a limited time only and, it is priced at $29. 99 a month.

Verizon’s unlimited plan is definitely a very appealing option, but if the user don’t have the need for more than 2 GB than it’s a $5 savings to go with AT&T. With AT&T you have more of a variety where you pay for what you need, and Verizon is good if you are always using a lot of data and need unlimited usages . It is also worth noting that Verizon announced its version of the iPhone will offer the carrier’s increasingly popular mobile hotspot features, which lets iPhone users share their device 3G network connection with up to five devices via Wi-Fi.

Adding the hotspot capability costs another $20 per month and comes with a 2GB pool of data for connected devices. AT&T and Verizon both have the same price range when it comes to the voice plan with three different monthly plans. The first plan is called the 450 minutes plan priced at $39. 99 a month, 900 minutes plan priced at $59. 99 a month or you can go with the unlimited voice plan priced at $69. 99 a month. Text plan when looking at the text plan for AT&T it is as following for $10 a month you can get 1000msgs or $20 a month for unlimited text.

Verizon text plan is as following $10 a month you get 500msgs or $20 you can get the unlimited text . Overall AT&T cost has dropped since Verizon announced it was getting the iPhone. AT&T dropped its cheapest SMS plan, but Verizon dropped its cheaper data plan and now offers an unlimited plan that cost twice as much as AT&T introductory plan. Service AT&T and Verizon offer generally the same services, but where they differ, AT&T has the advantage. Verizon’s network is based on a technology called CDMA, which runs voice and internet over different tracks.

That means Verizon’s iPhone owners will not be able to surf the web or use apps while on a call. AT&T users can, and the company says that more of its customer use the simultaneous talk-and-surf capability everyday than watch videos or use GPS. Verizon users can, however pay extra to transform their iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and share their cellular signal with up to five other gadgets. AT&T iPhone currently link up with only one other gadget, and connect with them via a more limited Bluetooth signal.

On the other hand both AT&T and Verizon have their similarities they both offers 24 hour roadside assistant, Worldwide GPS navigation services, live agent for customer services a day, WI-FI hotspots and tethering for their customer. They both offers 3g services, social networking mobile email and warranty and repairs on your phone. Speed A big part of AT&T promotional pushback against Verizon is that their network is faster. When buying a smartphone speed is important for downloads, emails picture and other data. AT&T is said to be fast that downloads data in 24 seconds. Verizon is known to be faster with downloads at 18.

5 seconds. Network speed is a tricky thing to assess. And both will tell you that their service is faster. In many cities, AT&T is technically faster, but the amount of the data usage on their network slows them down and Verizon looks faster than AT&T. Netflix also says their videos stream faster on Verizon than on AT&T. However, the GSM phone that AT&T uses has a max speed of 7. 2 MB per second while Verizon CDMA tops out at 3. 1 MB per second. Both iPhones use the 3 G network, but as AT&T expands its 4G towers (expected to be completed by 2013), the Verizon iPhone may be left in the dust as the CDMA chip can only use 3G.

What’s the short version? Verizon network is faster– for now. Conclusion The Verizon iPhone is faster, the unlimited data is a plus (but may be only available for a limited time), and the Hotspot feature is sexy… but no multi-tasking, high prices, and a network that hasn’t been tested with the data-heavy iPhone? Depending on what kind of user you are, both carriers have advantages and disadvantages. If you have to switch, it’s probably not worth the price. If you’re a Verizon customer already, you’ve been wanting the iPhone for months if not years, so you might as well stop waiting.