Cell Phone Comparison

The selected provider must be the best choice for a family of at least 2 to 5 phone lines with an option of up to 10 devices total. I compared five objectives between two phone companies, AT&T and Verizon wireless. I evaluated the plans, phones and features, fees, coverage, and help and support. The plans were the most important objective to look at and were narrowed down to the family plans. AT&T offered two separate plans, the mobile share plan and the family voice plan. Verizon only offered one family plan called the share everything plan. AT&T won the data availably package because they offer more data than Verizon offers.

This package would be the best choice for a larger family looking to carry more devices and who use a larger amount of data. Verizon offers unlimited talk and text, as did AT&T, but at a cheaper cost. Comparing the data packages with the cost, Verizon is the best choice for a smaller family who would not use a high amount of data. Consequently, I strongly recommend AT&T for a larger family who would use a generous amount of data with a high amount of phone lines or devices. The cost is similar, but Verizon’s cost was cheaper for the same amount of data that AT&T would offer.

This company’s package would benefit a smaller family that would not use a generous amount of data within the group. Introduction What is the best phone carrier to choose from? This question has become a major part in many peoples’ lives. Such a decision needs facts, research, and advice about which carrier would be the best choice. The purpose of this report is to guide you through these tough decisions and bring you to a conclusion on which carrier would fit you and your family the best. This may seem like an easy task but in reality there are many different choices for a cost effective plan.


My objective in this report was to provide knowledge for a family in search of a cellular plan that will fit their needs and budget. I have searched across the Internet throughout many websites, forums, and previously conducted studies. I have personal experience to expand my research even further. I started with the objective to find the best overall audience by choosing a group or family. I noticed that each company designs a custom plan formatted to fit the needs of a family or group. I conducted my research into five main categories: plans, phones and features, fees, coverage, and help and support.

With the plans I researched, the different options provided within the family plans were available on the phone carriers main website. This information is available to anybody searching for a plan, but may be confusing. For the phones and features, I chose to highlight smart phones because of the growing impact they have on our society. Even between the different age groups and needs of a family, the smart phone provides many options. I researched the fees so you can understand the actual cost of the providers plan. The listed price isn’t the final price you would be paying.

It is important to understand the fees and especially the hidden fees so you are prepared to sign a contract. I followed the plan guidelines and the overages to understand the final fees that would follow each plan. I brought coverage into the decision because of the impact is has on everyday use. No signal, dropped calls, or even low Internet connection will affect the use of your phone. I pulled the coverage maps they offer on each provider’s web page. However, there have been many discrepancies over these maps so I have also pulled information from my personal experience as well as others that have been conducted from surveys.

I pulled these surveys from magazines and websites that show the results they have personally found. Finally I have done research on the help and support category. The majority of this research was found again on the carriers personal websites as well as research pulled from the surveys found on the websites and magazines. Research Plans Both Verizon and AT&T offer family share plans, to accommodate families. Verizon offers the share everything plan while AT&T offers two separate options, one being the mobile share plan and the other the family voice plan.

The mobile share plan from AT&T offers 2-5 lines of phones as well as up to 10 devices total. Allowing families to add their tablets and other devices on the same-shared data plan. Unlimited talk and text with a chosen purchased data plan. They offer a wide variety of data packaged from 1GB to 20GB as shown in Figure 1. AT&T |Talk & Text |Shared Data |Monthly Cost | |Unlimited |1GB |$40. 00/mo + $45. 00/mo for each smart phone | |Unlimited |4GB |$70. 00/mo + $40. 00/mo for each smart phone | |Unlimited |6GB |$90. 00/mo + $35. 00/mo for each smart phone | |Unlimited |10GB |$120. 00/mo + $30.

00/mo for each smart phone | |Unlimited |15GB |$160. 00/mo + $30. 00/mo for each smart phone | |Unlimited |20GB |$200. 00/mo + $30. 00/mo for each smart phone | Figure 1. http://www. att. com/shop/wireless/plans/mobileshare. html The family voice plan starts off with your choice of shared minutes as a base. Offering 2-5 lines and $9. 99 per line after the first two. This plan offers rollover minutes, which will benefit your family if you don’t use the amount of purchased minutes a month. Unlimited nights and weekends are available from 9pm-6am, as well as unlimited mobile to mobile to AT&T wireless customers.

Verizon’s share everything plan includes 2-5 phone lines and up to 10 devices total. This plan offers unlimited talk and text and shared data. The data they offer is close to AT&T although they don’t offer as much. Figure 2 shows the monthly cost for the amount of chosen data for a smart phone only. Verizon Wireless |Talk and Text |Shared Data |Monthly Cost | |Unlimited |1GB |$50. 00/mo + $40. 00/mo for each smart phone | |Unlimited |2GB |$60. 00/mo + $40. 00/mo for each smart phone | |Unlimited |4GB |$70. 00/mo + $40. 00/mo for each smart phone | |Unlimited |6GB |$80. 00/mo + $40.

00/mo for each smart phone | |Unlimited |8GB |$90. 00/mo + $50. 00/mo for each smart phone | |Unlimited |10GB |$100. 00/mo + $50. 00/mo for each smart phone | Figure 2. http://www. verizonwireless. com/wcms/consumer/shop/share-everything. html#howitworks Phones & Features Finding the perfect phone is a major decision in choosing a phone carrier. There are so many phones being made with different options so finding the right category is the first step. A smart phone is becoming the major choice for all ages. The major talk about smart phones is between the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the iPhone 5.

When it comes to the iPhone, both companies offer the same phone at the same price with a 2-year contract. However, Verizon doesn’t offer as much that is normally included on the iPhone. For instance the iPhone through Verizon you can’t search the web and call at the same time like is offered through AT&T. Another factor to take into consideration is the ability to face time on Verizon anytime, whereas AT&T you are only able to face time while on Wi-Fi. Fees Many of the plans for both AT&T and Verizon are set with a particular price, but come with additional fees. For example with AT&T adding a line is $9. 99 and messaging is also an add-on.

Messaging rates for a family or share plan is $30. 00 for unlimited for the family, or $20. 00 unlimited per line. Verizon offers unlimited talk and text with their share everything plan, so there are no messaging rates that apply. Overage rates and fees may be applied if you choose the family voice plan through AT&T and go over the specific amount of minutes you purchased. These fees will vary depending on the package purchased between $0. 30-$0. 40. Overage rates may also apply if you go over your available data. These factors are important to remember when purchasing the correct amount of data and minutes.

Coverage AT&T and Verizon both offer coverage maps to show what parts of the United States are covered and what is not covered. With the technology the smart phones offer the ability to receive a better signal is higher. I have listed below the coverage maps for both the voice coverage as well as the data coverage for both phone companies. After looking at the maps offered for each company I have come to the conclusion that Verizon offers more 4G Internet coverage whereas AT&T has more 3G voice and data coverage in rural areas. Verizon voice coverage [pic] Verizon Data Coverage [pic] AT&T voice coverage [pic]

AT&T data coverage [pic] Help & Support Both AT&T and Verizon have 24-hour customer service centers. According to Top Ten Reviews for 2012 best cell phone providers AT&T won in help and support. This category may seem extremely effective when purchasing or dealing with problems that accompany a phone plan. However, the amount of times you would experience the need for support after the plan is set up is extremely rare. Even with that being said they still both offer the exceptional help for their customers. I have listed each company’s hot line numbers below to reach the support team 24-hours of the day.

• AT&T: 1-800-331-0500 • Verizon: 1-800-922-0204 Discussion Based on the conducted research we have reached the conclusion that Verizon would be the cheaper plan to go with for an average family. Verizon’s share everything plan offers unlimited talk text with a cheaper amount of data than AT&T offers. However, AT&T would better suit a larger family looking to run more devices while using more data. AT&T offers a higher amount of data in a package than Verizon offers. With this being said both phone carriers are extremely close and designed to fit the needs of your family as best suited as possible.

In conclusion Verizon would be the best phone carrier for the average family, offering unlimited talk and text with your choice of a data package. They have fewer fees since you are unable to go over on voice and messages while keeping the same coverage AT&T would offer. Works Cited AT&T. (2012). Retrieved December 7, 2012 http://www. att. com/shop/wireless/devices/smartphones. html AT&T. (2012). Retrieved December 7, 2012 http://www. att. com/shop/wireless/plans/familyplans. html#planlist-ptip_sku3830304 Photo Scoop (2011-2012). Compare Phones. Retrieved December 7, 2012, from

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