World Conflict

Global organizations that target to deal with the aspect of the conflict in the world remains to have merely achieved minimum as compared to the world expectations towards eradicating it and promoting the so called peaceful habitats. Ranging from war, terrorist activities, political instability, usage of weapons of mass destruction, assassinations to terrible human accelerated diseases, all proves the vacuum that remains unfilled when the world conflict elimination is involved.

As a result, majority of people are left paralyzed and permanently injured both physically and mentally without any feature ahead. World conflict has resulted to many negative factors that directly or indirectly affect the life of human beings. These include diseases, draught, poverty, economic instability, property destruction and a lot of deaths among others. A major conflict normally involves many people from different localities and sometimes attracts the attention of many nations which eventually requires international interventions in order to come to a consensus (Fisher, R.

J. 1997). This in actual sense demands sensible and more elaborative tactics to avoid the spread and dominance of the conflict. A major reason behind the entire struggle against the world conflict is to save life which defines the meaning of life existence. Pain and suffering normally places the world in a terrible situation that eliminates peace and joy of which a person is meant to live with. Several factors have been blamed towards contribution of the world conflict. Among the factors is hunger for power and leadership.

It is evidence that many leaders will legitimize their evil activities with a bad motive of gaining more and targeting the highest leadership globally. This mostly happens to some countries which fail to recognize the true leadership and the rights of human beings. Some individuals will therefore involve activities like terrorism, production of weapons of mass destruction and interruption of any process that target in promoting global peace. Economic struggle has been another factor that contributes to the conflict.

Most of the people find themselves in a situation of poverty and lack of economical support to facilitate the development. The frustrations that caries along with the economical instability and lack of basic needs may fuel nations to fail to cater for its citizens and may lead to undesirable activities like murder and property theft all over fueling more local conflicts. Through various activities like terrorism, kidnapping and assassinations, this problem might spread to other places in the world.

Drugs and illegal alcohols play a role in promoting the world conflict especially through several networks which are established illegally to traffic the drugs to the entire world. Illegal drugs have adverse negative effect to the human beings rendering them hopeless and inactive. This is mostly sweeping the young people who otherwise should be productive to the world. The result will be a generation that does not mind in involvement of illegal activities that would lead to world conflict.

In this paper, several examples to illustrate the world conflict will be discussed with more emphasis on the terrorist activities which have been considered as the centre of the global conflict. Terrorist activities are not new concepts but they have dominated in the world for several decades with political motives of intentionally inflicting fear in the world including the innocent people. Some terrorist combine their evil activities with the religious matters in order to succeed in their missions.

Other terrorists adopt these methods to alert others about their grievances or even remove a certain government from power and install their governance.

An example of the terrorist activities that took part in Balkans is discussed below. Balkans is a region that represents the south Eastern Europe. In an attempt to establish and stabilize terrorism in Europe terrorist took the advantage of the war to enter Balkans. It is not yet very clear whether the region provides a conducive atmosphere for thriving of the terrorist activities or not but according to Jankovic, B.M. (1987) in other parts like middle east and others are thought to be more active in funding terrorist and harboring them as compared to Balkans. The involvement of Europe and United States has been in the fore front in promoting stability in that region. Through these military activities the issue of terrorism in Balkans is also taken care of and it’s argued that these activities have decreased with the presence of peace keeping troops.

Balkans has of late experienced a lot of challenges ranging from political instability, war to economic problems which have facilitated the increase of terrorist activities in the region. Like other nations, terrorists mostly utilize circumstances which are affected by such problems. To some extreme cases they introduce some recruitment of the local people living in that region. Continued infiltration of terrorist may later have a diversified effect if not controlled.