Voting in Elections Should Be Made Compulsory

Compulsory Voting in Election, though highly desirable, cannot be attained due to a number of reasons. Some common reasons that come to mind without pondering a lot are: health issues of voters; which might bar them from exercising vote with a perception that no election is important than their health. Although a passion is seen amongst certain invalids; who are often carried to polling booth by their family on back ; a majority skips the same; especially ones living in metropolitans. They consider carrying their sick and bedridden family members to polling booth as a burden . Another major reason could be male chauvinistic attitude of Indian men ; who always underestimate thoughts and actions of their women.They especially prefer confining their women within the home on polling day. This is the one major reason of fewer number of female voters as compared to males; particularly in villages and small towns. Another reason; for turning off the voters for polling is the increased incidences of violence, booth capturing and criminal activities at polling booth; Making voters reluctant for voting. Such incidences can be easily observed in underdeveloped as well as developing nations with high corruption. A few other reasons; which handicaps Constitution in making polling compulsory or rather Imposing punishment could be the distance between pooling booth and voter’s residence. The situation gets worsened if accompanied by adversities like heavy snow; torrential downpour, scorching heat or thunderstorm; the control of which is beyond the power of Government as well as voters.