The Vancouver WA Police Department

One of my biggest drivers in applying for a position on the front desk is to allow me to work with the public and serve the community in which I live. The Vancouver Police Department performs a crucial role in assisting members of the public and providing them with high levels of service. I would very much like to be a part of this and have the opportunity to gain the fulfillment and sense of worth that would accompany a job in this section. I would be proud to continue my career with this police department.

I believe that the people with whom we work can teach us a great deal and are crucial to our own personal and professional development. This role would allow me an opportunity to work more closely alongside police officers and I will therefore be able to learn from some of the most exceptional people in Vancouver. These people put their lives at risk to help people in the community and I cannot think of better role models for myself. I am of the opinion that the work I will be expected to complete within my role as front desk support is closely matched to my existing skills and competencies.

I am extremely hard working and am able to work well with people. I am able to multitask and handle several different jobs at once and cope well under pressure. I believe that the type of work that I would be expected to complete within a role within the Police Department would be both interesting and challenging. The very nature of police work entails that the work I will be expected to complete will be engaging and will provide me with opportunities that stretch and develop me whilst also allowing me to apply my existing competencies in a way that can allow me to be successful.