Criminal Justice Review Essay Example

Currently, Vancouver authorities are on their feet to run after gang members who are sowing terror and violence in the province. They identified gang members as mostly Asians particularly immigrant from Vietnam who have standing criminal records back in their own country. Among their action to control these gang members criminal activities include deportation of any gang members and their families from Canada, heavy punishment, and imprisonment. But as Artiste (2009) pointed out, it will take years to conquer Gang Violence in Vancouver (Artiste).

This reflects that the current policy of the Vancouver Police department who has jurisdiction of the problem is ineffective. In order to address the issue, the following are the alternative courses of action that are important towards containing the problem of gang violence in Vancouver. A. Immigrants segregation The idea of ethnic segregation however, is not new to Vancouver authorities. Balbo (2008) for instance, noted that the rapid growth of immigrant population in Vancouver raises the question of the potential of ethno-cultural clustering or spatial segregation (p.

282). While the type of segregation proposed in this paper has not been done yet, there is a strong possibility that immigrant segregations are potential solution to the issue of gang violence in Vancouver. This could be done by assigning areas of concentration for immigrants based on nation of origin. As Balbo noted, segregation of ethnic concentration is highly possible and there activity as well as their growth in number can be easily monitored (p. 283). 1. Strict verification of immigrant records

As stated earlier, most of Gang members were mostly immigrants from Vietnam and Asia. Verification of records of all immigrants especially those that are coming from Vietnam and Asia, will help determine who would likely to become gang members. This could be done by strictly scrutinizing the records of all immigrants from the particular country and region and relocate them in an area where they could be easily monitored by the government authorities and apprehend their family members for immediate deportation when proven guilty of crimes.

This kind of action can not be viewed as discrimination as there are ample evidence that most of the gang members where immigrants from Vietnam and Asia. In other words, this kind of segregation is mainly in the name of public safety and for the apprehension of every gang members responsible to the violence and death of many innocent persons. 2. Immediate deportation and imprisonment in the military camps While this course of action has been cited by the RCMP assistant commissioner, this has not been implemented perhaps due to some legal consequences.

Given the serious consequences of the problem, it is hereby deemed necessary and is expected to be an effective course of action in curving the problem of gang violence. Under this course of action, those who will be found to have criminal records both in their home country and in their newly embraced country should be deported out rightly back to their country of origin on ground of public safety policy and the government’s sovereign domain to insure the elimination of threat to public safety.

Sending them back to their native country along with their immediate families will surely be a crime deterrent as it will serve as an example to others. This will not be offending to the local population. 3. Limiting immigrants from Vietnam and Asia Vancouver immigration authorities should implement limited immigration coming from countries cited earlier in order to reinforce the law enforcement on their drive to contain gang members. The immigration authorities should execute rigid selection process for everyone applying for migration in Canada limiting qualified applicant to be professionals and business oriented individuals.

Of course, this does not mean that all the problems of Vancouver were to be blame on Asian immigrants. This is only to prevent individuals with criminal backgrounds from migrating in Canada particularly in Vancouver. Limiting immigrants to professionals and business oriented individuals can help the city contain the problem because without further reinforcement, along with various police efforts against criminal activities of these gang members, their number will soon decrease.