US military troops in Iraq

The general belief is that the defeated rebels in the invaded territory planted mines or bombs to retaliate against the invaders and that it is necessary for the latter to attack the rebels for that particular reason. This only demonstrates the vindictive human character of any race, that is, whether or not belonging to a democratic environment. It is common though in all tabulations that the choice is really for the use of force. Ironically, those who favor the use of force also do not want any increase in the presence of US military troops in Iraq.

As a matter of fact, they wan t a decrease, at thirty three against the twenty of several compositions. This equates to more than sixty per cent of those favoring the use of force not wanting any increase in troops in the invaded territory. Actually, this is only a re-statement of the previous observation that those who favor the use of force believe, at the same time, that such will adversely affect US interests. The mind may be boggled by a query of how can a sovereignty use force to defeat another sovereignty when the former does not have the amount of force needed to triumph over the other sovereignty.

In short, the respondents want the use of force to totally paralyze US enemies in Iraq. At the same time, these very respondents do not want any increase of troops who are supposed to execute that force. What if the present strength of the troops there is not enough to use force to defeat the adversaries? Another interesting variant here is that while the respondents generally favor the use of force, it is their admitted belief that the United States was not right in invading Iraq.

The figured percentage here is significant at forty seven versus sixteen or eighty eight per cent versus twelve per cent. How can one power use force against the target territory if the former does not invade that target territory? Apparently, the underlying explanation here is economics. John lives in Village A. Mary lives in Village B. John wishes to kiss Mary. But he does not want to leave Village A and spend a dollar for a ride to go to Village B to visit Mary. That is the simple analogy. Whether that is stupidity or selfishness is a matter of individual assessment.

At this juncture, the dynamics of the global economic crisis and the attendant repercussions are what explain this general attitude. In short, the people of America want to use force and crush Iraq but they do not want taxpayers’ money wasted in the invasion of Iraq. The pocket book downturn and downtrend have a terrible impact in the United States of America. Joblessness is unprecedented, foreclosures of home mortgages abound in rampant proportions, credits cards are now conceived as roots of evils and so on and so forth.

(A record 5. 4 million home loans behind or in foreclosure in Q4.. Reuters. March 5, 2009. USA TODAY. [internet]). The average and ordinary Uncle Sam kid will likely ask. Why spend for guns and bullets and bombs and soldier’s stipends in Saddam Husseins’s turf when the tummies here in dearest America are grumbling? Why waste the energy and intelligent minds of the nation’s leaders about that turmoil in the Middle East when  they cannot even solve the humongous car industry debacle in Detroit and the swine flu vaccine research problems?

(Fram, Allan.Big 3 bailout inaction would cost taxpayers billions. December 10, 2008. Crain’s Detroit Business. [internet]). (Lloyd, Robin. Why There’s No Swine Flu Vaccine. Health. April 29, 2009. Live Science. [internet]). Another puzzling answer in the consensus is that those who favor the use of force want to stay home. If called to serve and fight, thirty three of fifty three resoundingly answered in the negative. That equates to sixty two percent. Yes, let us invade Iraq. Yes, let us crush and defeat Iraq. Yes, let us use force against Iraq.

Yes, but please go ahead. Maybe I’ll follow later. There was a Chinese anecdote which tells of a boastful fighter who shouted and declared to smash the opponent in a second. When called, the flaunting gladiator did not even want to enter the ring. The conclusion is not so complex and so complicated. Everybody wants the mighty United States of America to use force even outside of its territorial expanse. In this particular case, reference is made to Iraq, one of the greatest, mysterious and fascinating countries in the world in ancient history.

But who will execute the use of force? How will the use of force be executed? What are the specifics in the use of force against Iraq? There are no definite answers for the moment. Poor Saddam, until now not one of the smartest experts in bomb detection has found any weapon of mass destruction in his backyard. (Bender, Bryan. Probe finds no illicit Iraq arms. October 7, 2004. World News. boston. com. [internet]).