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Mercedes Benz is the world’s most innovative automotive brand for more than 100 years. When Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) delivered its first Mercedes on December 22, 1900, this was the start of a development which led to the formation of Daimler AG towards the end of the 20th century.

Mercedes Benz is regarded as the world’s most successful automotive brand. The most distinguished features its level of technical perfection, quality standards, innovative strength and numerous automotive legends. The Mercedes star became the most famous automotive symbol of all and is one of the world’s best-known trademarks.

From the point of view of innovation, Mercedes-Benz into a year of research and development expenses of up to 400,000,000 U.S. dollars. And also the first Mercedes diesel engines for high-end cars. Fine shape, updated with tradition and is fluent in the Mercedes-Benz innovation characteristics.

Mercedes-Benz USA, a Daimler company, was found in 1965. Before that, Mercedes-Benz cars were sold in the United Stated from 1957 to 1964. Now, Mercedes-Benz USA has 348 dealerships, more than 1,500 employees. The company sold 225,128 Vehicles in the U.S. in 2008. (Mercedes-Benz, 2010)

Mission Statement

We give of our best for customers who expect the best – and we live a culture of excellence that is based on shared values. Our corporate history is full of innovations and pioneering achievements; they are the foundation andongoing stimulus for our claim to leadership in the automotive industry. (Mercedes- Benz Mission, 2007)

Environmental Mission Statement

Mercedes-Benz has set itself the ambitious target of extensively reducing emissions and waste products in the production process and favoring the use of natural resources. (Mercedes- Benz Mission, 2007)

Mercedes- Benz Organizational Strengths

Mercedes-Benz is a century-old car with the company; its strength is the quality of automotive products and excellent customer service. Benz has a German car good workmanship, and safety and quality. Innovation in technology makes the Mercedes-Benz has a good reputation. On the quality of security,the most cutting-edge high-strength materials, complex body structures from steel and aluminum and the networked car electronics of the active and passive safety systems require not only knowledge of the correct procedures for repair but also the proper workshop equipment.

在客服服务方面,梅赛德斯-奔驰将始终不懈地为客户提供一流的服务以保持客户长期满意度而努力。梅赛德斯-奔驰品牌注重在每个细节打造一流品质,以向用户提供全面的高品质服务和持之以恒的品牌承诺。每当奔驰车主有需要的,客户服务在那里,每天24小时/每周7天,回答他们的问题,提供解决问题的方法,并提供技术和路边援助。我们训练有素的专业人员的工作人员还支持经销商网络,帮助他们更好地满足业主的需要。 在科技创新方面,例如,奔驰汽车有一个SPEEDTRONIC电子限速功能的限距控制系统,是全世界第一个智能型升级版的自动定速巡航系统。这个功能让您可在行车车速保持在每小时30公里至180公里的时候,与前面的车辆保持设定的距离。当车距再次增加时,车辆便会加速至预设的速度。仪表板显示屏会显示两辆车及它们之间的车距。如需紧急制动车辆,还会有声响警告讯号响起。

Mercedes- Benz Organizational Weakness