Sovereign state Research Paper

ssssssdIn the contemporary world, the reported cases of crime all over the world are alarmingly increasing. It is believed that the main reasons behind this are the rise in population and the increase in the inflation rate. This can be harnessed with the involvement of the Government which is discussed further in the context of this essay.In order to justify my point of view, I would like to state that the population of a country will be the first and foremost reason behind this increase in crime. Take India for instance, it is a developing country and in the prevailing scenario its population is sky rocketing, which creates a significant number of problems.

With respects to that, unemployment is the major one; consequently, educated and sophisticated people survive without jobs and result in indulge in the crime to bear their expenses. Thus it is clear from this example that population is the major cause which ultimately forces people to commit crimes. To combat this grave problem, governments can arrange educational classes and programs to increase public awareness about the exacerbated effects of the increase in population.Furthermore, the inflation rate is another reason for the increase in the number of crime cases in certain countries.

To illustrate, In India nowadays, the inflation rate is booming continuously; which causes enormous problems and creates an inequality between rich and poor people, as rich become richer and poor become poorer. Hence, it has been seen from this example that the increase in inflation also leads to the increase of crime to some extent. This grim and gruesome problem can be tackled only by Governments, so government should adopt some leniency against the poor people and give them rebates so that they can survive and bear their expenses smoothly.

Eventually, after analysing all the views, I would like to conclude that crime in any way is a major problem for any country. It needs a combined effort by Governments, masses and classes of any country to join the hands together to nip this evil into the bud. Otherwise it is expected that it could be worsen in near future.