Samsung Note

Slide 1Samsung is a south Korean based company its headquartered in Samsung town, seoul. Samsung was formed in 1938 and was into chemicals, apparels, semi-conductors and after that in 1960 samsung goup entered into electronics industry. At that time basic product of Samsung was black and white tv. Then it became so successful in this market that it is one of the top IT co. according to 2011 revenues.

Slide 2Being a management student they need to give presentations almost daily so carrying laptops for students becomes hectic as students travel a long distance and in their bag along with laptop their books, tiffin is also there. So it becomes a burden and this daily burden results into low morale. So we provide with a solution and we have come up with a product known as phablet which was named by forbes and engadget. Hence our target customers is all bschools across Mumbai.

Slide 3So our phablet is named as Samsung galaxy note which was launched by samsung in old industrial exhibitions in 2011 in berlin. It was released to the public in germany in late oct 2011. It is famous for its 5.3 inch screen size and it is a smartphone between s2 and tablet. This phone includes stylus S-pen which is named by Samsung which is used for grabbing pictures and text input. Galaxy Note was created to reflect your desires.

As of 15th aug 2012 we have sold 10 million units across the world.

Slide 4Its an android operating system basically it used to come with version 2.3.5 which is gingerbread but later on since may 2012 ice-cream sandwich and den from oct 2012 jelly bean is made to upgrade. Its a dual-core processor with 1.4ghz as exynos and 1.5ghz as snapdragon Its having an super AMOLED display which is scratch proof, light and unbreakable. The gorilla glass is manufactured by US based co. Corning. Its speciality is it uses RGBG matrix which is 2 subpixels per pixel which was first installed by Samsung in note.Best Battery for a phone is 2500 mili ampere hour.

HD camera with 8 mp and front camera with 2 mp. It provides 1080p recording full HD.

Slide 5Market price is 30000.We are giving u 10% discount being considered as a management student. And further if u buy in groups as in if u place a bulk order u will get discount of 1000 rs per piece.

Slide 6Being a technological development country everybody is fond of phablets and everybody wish to have it. Our competitors are Apple, Acer, Micromax ,Karbonn but i guess Samsung is what it provides u a style and status symbol. Our products are available world-wide in big electronic stores but you wont get there the discount which we provide.

Slide 7From the time we started this campaign our sales team has really gone up forward and given up presentation of this product in mostly every b-school and we have noticed that our sales had a boost of 50%. This is because we made them aware that carrying a laptop is a waste everytime, carrying a tablet is like u cant carry it everywhere so its better to carry phablet which helps you to do ur work like presentations, mailing at any point of time.

Socialising is also available with a good app known as Whatsapp which saves your lot of money and you can constantly stay in touch with your friends. I guess its a dream phone which everyone wants you know you get a feeling while using this phone.

Slide 8Yeah you can say whatever we have highest no. Of service centres in india in every region/ every state/every district/every city. Yeah customer satisfaction is almost 95% an unknown person who mite do not know the features can also say that by looking at the phone…its an awesome phoneOur customer service is good u can call for any problem at any time from any corner of the world they will be available for u. Our workforce is very much intellectual Samsung has hired all engineers and all management staff from top most institutes of the world.