Reinstating the Military Draft

Abstract The paper you about to read are about Reinstating the Military Draft, if all citizens should be eligible from the ages of 18-42. Some citizens think this should be done others think it shouldn’t in the pages to come this paper will show you the pros and cons of some of our citizens and some of our Military Commanders active and retired. In an interview with National Radio “All Things Considered” (Douglas Lute) said frequent tours for the U. S. forces have stressed the volunteer stressed the forces. He said it’s time to consider reinstating the military draft Reinstating the Military draftю

Should all citizens be eligible for the military draft? Congressman Rangel proposed that citizens from the age of 18 – 42 should be eligible for the draft. Draft would solve the problem for more troops on the ground, but then it may cause a bureaucratic nightmare. Colin Powel in July of 2007 on Fora. tv said the last time the U. S. had the draft was during the Vietnam War, all the Generals decided to stop the draft so we could have a more professional military and a more superior fighting force. With enough men in the military we could fight two battles at a time without having to activate the draft, using the reserves and the National Guard.

In 2007 the Marine Corp was concerned that the heavy loss in Iraq they couldn’t get enough volunteers, and maybe destroying the all-volunteer Marine Corp. The House subcommittee said everything would be fine after they used some funds for bonuses and other incentives. Rep. John Murtha said the congress wouldn’t ever approve a return to the draft. But after many trips to Army bases moral was worsening. They started a 15 month deployment overseas and a 12 month stay state side before deployment. The draft is the word most law makers do not want to hear. The congress really doesn’t want the draft.

But retired Army General Barry McCaughey described what he sees as the disastrous state of ground forces and a broken commitment to the troops. While the Army is composed of over a million volunteers, only about are active duty, the other half are reserves or national guard. This is composed of selected reserve and the individual ready (National Guard). There is a problem if we were to reinstate the draft, both logistical and political. A return to the draft would diminish the army’s overall experience and education. We may have a military that is not suited to adapt the high tech army we have today.

About half of the volunteers reenlists with the draftees usually serve two years and get out. But let’s look at this way the economy isn’t the best today so maybe they will reenlist and make a career of it. This is a chance we will have to take if we reinstate the draft. Gen. Douglas Luke said I can tell you this military draft has always been an option on the table. But first we must demand for of the safety of the nation, Luke said there will come a time when we will have to reinstate the draft, this is really good for the people of the U.

S, They learn discipline and to get along with others, this is something we as citizens have a hard time doing. The society will benefit and so will the government. Cost for the draft would surpass the amount budgeted , an all voluntary force was about 10% more than the draft, but that estimated $10 billion more was to pay a all voluntary force which could be seen as an in kind tax on draftees. It has been a long time we had a person drafted in 1973 the last draftee entered boot camp, the same year we pulled out of Vietnam, and President Nixon abolished the draft.

Since no elected official has seriously suggested to reinstate the draft. But two democratic Congressman tried to restore the draft just to get the public to support the withdraw of the troops from Iraq. Then there was a rumor about reinstating the draft. Where did the draft rumor come from? The idea was a used for scare mongering in Anti-war circles since Afghanistan, September 2002 the Selective Service System put out a press release saying that “ no heightened measures have been undertaken to bring nation closer to reinstating the military draft.

In September 23, Secretary Rumsfeld told the senate “It is absolutely false that anyone was reinstating the military draft. I feel the military draft doesn’t need to be reinstated, it seems that we are doing fine with the amount of people we have volunteering now. In 1967 when I enlisted in the Marine Corp we did not have the draft, the Marine Corp never used the draft but the Army did. Around, the spring of 1967 the Corp decided it needed the draft to fill all the slots open. So they started to drafting, we then had a lot of men starting to call their congressman about the way they were treated and wanted them to change the Corp.

The quality of the Marine Corp started to fall so after a few years of the draft they dropped the draft, then the quality came back I feel that if you want to be in the military then you should enlist. With the job market the way it is today we should have a large group of people waiting to join. I see in the news that people want their men and women back and protesting they don’t want them to go to war, who does. But we take an oath to protect and honor the constitution of the United States of America. When called we will protect our nation no matter what.

So why are these people crying about their family members going overseas let’s look at it like this, it’s a job you get paid to do a service for the country. It is an honor to do this, be proud to serve and protect we learn, and we grow when in the military many men and women have become adults fast, even if they didn’t want to they have to. Does this make them a better person I think so, if some turn out bad or misguided they would have been misguided anyway. So is it time to reinstate the draft I say no.

Maybe the politicians should, be drafted and serve their country instead of trying to place people where they do not want to be. Give the military men and women more pay and respect them for what they do. When we came home from Vietnam we were spit on and called names, these men and women deserve more, honor them do not humiliate them. I have spoken to my children about going into the military, but they decided to work in the civilian field, so be it. I do not want my children to serve but if they decide too I will honor their decision, as long as they join the Marine Corp.