Presidential Election in Indonesia

In Reform Era (1999-2009) the electoral system of Indonesia based on Law: 1) Regulation Number 2 year 1999 about Political Party. 2) Regulation Number 3 year 1999 about General Election. 3) Regulation Number 1999 about position and structure of MPR, DPR and DPRD. 1 Which the electoral system is indirectly but at 2004 the electoral system in Indonesia have possibility to choose directly the Candidate of President, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono be the first President directly chosen by Community.

Electoral system at the time based on Law: 1) Regulation Number 31 year 2002 about Political party. 2) Regulation Number 12 year 2003 about General Election of DPR, DPD, and DPRD. 3) Regulation Number 23 year 2003 about General Election of President and Vice President. 2 Applying democracy system in Indonesia be transparency in all field include Presidential Election since 2004 the Indonesian people have right to choose directly automatically impact to democracy system itself become more transparency now.

At 1787 United State of America was applying democracy system since legalization of United State of America Constitution but influenced by England system. Presidential Election in U. S. A is chosen by society but the participant was choose by each section state or called elector, in other hand not at all American people be participant of Presidential election only elector. Using democracy system the society have high authority in social life, in Democracy system which literally means “all in society hand” needed the mechanism to explore public opinion, aspiration in decide a policy that would take by a state.

3 In other hand democracy give the highest position for society to explore opinion, idea, aspiration and more important can create positive things from the Idea. Now President of U. S. A Barack Obama still using this system in Presidential system, President and Vice President will chosen after doing popular vote of election by elector. II. RESEARCH QUESTION 1. Why Presidential Election in Indonesia is more democratic than U. S. A? III. THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK General election theory CHAPTER 2 CONTENT I. Electoral system in Indonesia II. Electoral system in United State of America CHAPTER 3 CONCLUSION.