Obama’s One Trillion Stimulus Plan

Allocating funds of an estimated 41 billion U. S. dollars, out of president-elect Obama’s one trillion U. S. dollars stimulus plan, for improving the education system in the United States is indeed a significant decision and an important process. It should be directed towards helping the young Americans and could also be regarded as the most feasible approach in investing for the sturdy future of the country. As it can be observed, the present education system in the country is being challenge and in the midst of losing its full importance.

Such budget allocations could be an instrument through which the US educational system could be preserved and improved as this fund could is used for the enhancement of school facilities and modernizing the technology of teaching. Thus, such budget could be used for the building of new schools and/or campuses, more especially among the states where the rate of enrollment is relatively low, to be able to cater the ever growing demand for education due to the growing population in the country.

In addition to this, putting 79 billion U. S. dollars for fiscal relief cutbacks and layoffs is as well of the most important projects that would protect not only the economy of the country but also the labor force sector, more especially with that of the employment in education. From a personal point of view, this allocation is the most effective way to create new jobs and strengthen employment in the country that also redounds to the educational sector where public spending would mean that jobs are maintained and created, in certain levels.

Thus, such budget allocations could also be utilized accordingly to instigate national projects that are essential in improving the current educational system in the country.

Moreover, the issue about employment is another major problem that the United States is facing as of the present time. There are more and more people nowadays who are losing their jobs mainly due to the global financial crisis. In this regard, spending forty three billion U. S. dollars for increasing the unemployed benefits is a must to be able to support the needs of these people who are currently experiencing unemployment resulting from the ever growing global financial crisis that does not only affect the United States but also several countries globally. Nonetheless, I believe that in such a way, the present federal administration could attend and have their share with the entire Americans in coping numerous social burdens. However, placing thirty billion U. S. dollars for highway construction is one of my least favorite points in president-elect Barack Obama’s one trillion stimulus plan.

From a personal point of view, I personally believe that there are bigger problems and issues which the country and/or the federal government should prioritize. Thus, such amount of financial allocation could better be spent and/or be allocated for other projects that have direct impacts and obliging results in the lives of the American people.

Besides, the country is still far from being miserable in terms of these infrastructures. Among the most important alternatives include enhancing the social welfare of the people and raising the standards of living in slum areas with an effort of making it at par with the middle-income class where decency of living is present. The allocation of 39 billion U. S. dollars for increasing COBRA healthcare benefits, on the other hand, is regarded as a wise decision. However, this still falls under the catalog of my least favorite points of the budget.

Firstly, though such allocation is a brilliant idea, I still believe that further enhancing the healthcare facilities and building additional hospitals are more essential and helpful for most of the American people. Thus, allocating budget in resolving major issues and problems within the country’s healthcare industry is also seen to be more crucial and at the same time beneficial for the United States to be able to provide the people the quality healthcare service they needed and enhance accessibility for all.

Lastly, the $20 billion proposed budget for increasing the program of the U. S. government for the food stamps is seen to be a bad idea. I believe that are better ways to help the less fortunate people through the use of this budget. One of this is to generate and/or create decent jobs for these people to be able to teach them how to fish and earn to support their living. Encouraging and nurturing the full potential of poor people is by far a better way to help them rather than just by putting money in their pockets and feeding their empty stomach. Through this method, the country and these people could establish the long-term answer to such problem of feeding hungry people in the United States.