2018 Global Healthcare EDI Industry 2018- Market Status, Dynamics & Trends by 2018

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has helped evolve the healthcare market for claims management and supply chain management to depend from paper based to electronic based mode of transactions. The benefits associated with the use of EDI such as cost reductions and reduced time of transactions has helped improve the acceptance of this technology in the healthcare market. In this report the global healthcare EDI market is broadly segmented by components, type of transactions, end-users, and mode of delivery.

The market based on components are further divided into EDI software and EDI services, whereas, the type of transactions are divided into claims status, eligibility verification, payment remittance, referral certification authorization, enrolment/disenrollment transactions, and premium payments.

On the basis of end-users the market is sub-segmented into healthcare payers, healthcare providers, and medical equipment/accessories suppliers. Based on mode of deliveries, the market is divided into web-based EDI, point-to-point EDI, mobile EDI, EDI VAN, and EDI via AS2. Inquire before Buying @ http://www.lifescienceindustryresearch.com/inquire-before-buying?rname=11357.

Over the past few years, the healthcare EDI market has shown a substantial growth. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.7% from 2013 to 2018 to reach $1,681.1 million by 2018. EDI has been increasingly embraced by the healthcare industry, and is experiencing a growth due to various advantages associated with its use like reduction of the administration costs, reduced errors and time for transfer of claims, and initiatives by various governments.

The passing of the Obamacare Act in 2010, in the United States has mandated the use of enrolment/disenrollment transactions between the payers and providers in the U.S., with the North American market contributing the maximum share of the global healthcare EDI market. The European market also occupies a significant share of the global healthcare EDI market, with the Asian regions showing the maximum growth due to various factors like large population, growing burden of diseases, and government initiatives for the support of healthcare IT in these regions.

The prominent players in the global healthcare EDI market include Emdeon Inc. (U.S.), Allscripts (U.S.), Mckesson (U.S.), Optum Health (U.S.), GE Healthcare (U.K.), Siemens Healthcare (Germany), SSI Group (U.S.), ZirMed (U.S.), Passport Health communications (U.S.), and Capario (U.S.). Reasons to Buy the Report:

The report will enrich both established firms as well as new entrants/smaller firms to gauge the pulse of the market, which in turn will help firms, garner greater market shares. Firms purchasing the report could use any one or a combination of the below mentioned five strategies (market penetration, product development/innovation, market development, market diversification, and competitive assessment) for increasing their market shares. The report provides insights on the following pointers:

•Market Penetration: Comprehensive information on the product portfolios offered by the top players in the healthcare EDI market. The report analyzes the healthcare EDI market by components, type of transactions, end-users, and mode of delivery. •Product Development/Innovation: Detailed insights on the upcoming trends, research and development activities, and new product launches in the healthcare EDI market. •Market Development: Comprehensive information about the lucrative emerging markets by product, functionality, and geography.

•Market Diversification: Exhaustive information about new products, growing geographies, recent developments, and investments in the healthcare EDI market. •Competitive Assessment: In-depth assessment of market shares, growth strategies, products, distribution networks, manufacturing capabilities, and SWOT analysis of the leading players in the healthcare EDI market. Buy a copy of report @ http://www.lifescienceindustryresearch.com/purchase?rname=11357 . Table Of Contents

1 Introduction1.1 Objectives of The Study1.2 Report Description1.3 Markets Covered1.4 Stakeholders1.5 Research Methodology1.5.1 Market Size Estimation1.5.2 Market Crackdown and Data Triangulation1.5.3 Key Data From Secondary Resources1.5.4 Key Data Points From Primary Resources1.5.5 Assumptions2 Executive Summary3 Market Dynamics3.1 Introduction3.2 Market Segmentation3.3 Market Dynamics3.3.1 Key Market Drivers3.3.1.1 The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1886, to Propel The Adoption of EDI in Healthcare Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act3.3.1.3 Initiatives By Different Governments For Encouragement of Healthcare IT 3.3.2 Key Market Restraints3.3.2.1 Data Security—A Major Concern For Patients and EDI Users High Cost of EDI Software3.3.2.3 EDI Management—A Major Challenge Inhibiting The Adoption of EDI Restricted Investment in Healthcare IT3.3.2.5 Limited Reimbursements to Hinder The Growth in The Bric Nations 3.3.3 Key Market Opportunities3.3.3.1 Increase in The Outsourcing of EDI Services3.3.3.2 Conversion From Icd-8 to Icd-103.3.4 Key Market Trends3.3.4.1 Increasing Use of EDI in Healthcare Manufacturing/Distribution Industry Gradual Acceptance of Mobile EDI3.4 Evolution of EDI and Its Future3.5 Benefits of EDI In Healthcare Industry3.5.1 Quicker Payment of Claims and Detection of Errors3.5.2 Reduced Administrative and Handling Costs3.5.3 Access to All Electronic Hipaa-Compliant Transactions3.5.4 Other Benefits to Medicare “A” Providers3.6 EDI Standards For Healthcare Industry3.7 Market Share Analysis4 Healthcare EDI Market, By Product4.1 Introduction4.2 Healthcare EDI Market, By Component4.2.1 Software4.2.2 Services4.3 Healthcare EDI Market, By Type of Transaction4.3.1 Claim Status4.3.2 Eligibility Verification4.3.3 Payment Remittance4.3.4 Referral Certification Authorization4.3.5 Enrollment/Disenrollment Transactions4.3.6 Premium Payments4.4 Healthcare EDI Market, By Mode of Delivery4.4.1 Web-Based EDI/EDI Cloud4.4.2 EDI Via As24.4.3 Point-to-Point EDI4.4.4 EDI Van4.4.5 Mobile EDI5 Healthcare EDI Market, By End User5.1 Introduction5.2 Healthcare Providers5.2.1 Healthcare Payers5.2.2 Government/Public Payers5.2.3 Private Payers5.3 Medical Equipment and Accessories Suppliers/Pharmacies6 Geographic Analysis6.1 Introduction6.2 North America6.2.1 U.S.6.2.2 Canada6.3 Europe6.4 Asia6.5 Rest of The World7 Competitive Landscape7.1 Introduction7.1.1 New Product Launches7.1.2 Mergers and Acquisitions7.1.3 Agreements, Alliances, Collaborations, Joint Ventures, and Partnerships 7.1.4 Other Developments8 Company Profiles8.1 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.8.1.1 Business Overview8.1.2 Products8.1.3 Financials8.1.4 Growth Strategy8.1.5 Recent Developments8.1.6 SWOT Analysis8.1.7 MNM View8.2 Capario Inc.8.2.1 Business Overview8.2.2 Products8.2.3 Financials8.2.4 Growth Strategy8.2.5 Recent Developments8.3 Emdeon Inc.8.3.1 Business Overview8.3.2 Products8.3.3 Financials8.3.4 Growth Strategy8.3.5 Recent Developments8.3.6 SWOT Analysis8.3.7 MNM View8.4 GE Healthcare (A Division of General Electric Company)8.4.1 Business Overview:8.4.2 Products & Services8.4.3 Financials8.4.4 Growth Strategy8.4.5 Recent Developments8.4.6 SWOT Analysis8.4.7 MNM View8.5 Mckesson Corporation8.5.1 Business Overview8.5.2 Products8.5.3 Financials8.5.4 Growth Strategy8.5.5 Recent Developments8.5.6 SWOT Analysis8.5.7 MNM View8.6 Optum Inc.8.6.1 Business Overview8.6.2 Products8.6.3 Financials8.6.4 Growth Strategy8.6.5 Recent Developments8.6.6 SWOT Analysis8.6.7 MNM View8.7 Passport Health Communications Inc.8.7.1 Business Overview8.7.2 Products & Services8.7.3 Financials8.7.4 Growth Strategy8.7.5 Recent Developments8.8 Siemens Healthcare (Subsidiary of Siemens AG.)8.8.1 Business Overview8.8.2 Products and Services8.8.3 Key Financials8.8.4 Growth Strategy8. SWOT Analysis8.8.7 MNM View8.9 Ssi Group Inc.8.9.1 Business Overview8.9.2 Products & Services8.9.3 Key Financials8.9.4 Growth Strategy8.9.5 Recent Developments8.10 Zirmed Inc.8.10.1 Business Overview8.10.2 Products8.10.3 Financials8.10.4 Growth Strategy8.10.5 Recent DevelopmentsAppendix

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