Non-Discrimination Policy

I was given rights and responsibilities in my work experience. As I have written above the responsibilities I was given in my jobs and the rights I was given were refusing to do unsafe jobs and getting lunch breaks as well as two short breaks within the day. Most of the rights I was given I covered by the bullet points above. From my experience at the work place all the rules were kept and no one broke them. This showed that the rules that were made were fair, as no body had broken them. The responsibilities given to everyone were clear as everybody had been allocated a task or two and was completed each day.

If the allocated working hours had not completed the task many staff members would put in the extra time to finish it off after hours. I was surprised to find out that all the rights that everyone had was respected. Except for one case when in the warehouse the staff member called Richard had carried a box, which was 40 Kg, which was 15 Kg over the Health and Safety requirements. This shows that the rights that you have may not be violated by anyone but could be violated by yourself. At the placement of the work experience I had made a few very solid relationships with the staff members.

In particularly with sales men as they were very friendly and helpful to me. When I was trying to close a deal with a customer the sales person assisted me in closing that deal and in turn I helped him close his deal. This really encouraged me and throughout the work placement I had a fun time. I personally think I got on with every single member of staff as I used to talk to them during my breaks and lunch hours in the staff cafeteria. I was really surprised with myself on how comfortable I was working and talking to adults. They treated me like an adult in turn I had to act like an adult.

The people in the placement were very professional thus there acted and spoke to me very well. The manager had always told the staff members that the placement was a big happy family. Although he emphasized on this he always put the hint that he was the leader. Everyone respected each other at the workplace and would really assist each other at every opportunity given. The manager told staff members if they had a problem with another staff member that they should not bring that grudge into the workplace. At my time there I saw a perfect environment in which to work.

This really made me think and this kind of behavior is very good and in future if I get a job I will without a shadow of a doubt use it. It inspired me because no matter what differences you may have everything is put to rest at the place of your work. Summary/conclusion In conclusion I would like to illustrate that I have used many different types of information and displayed it in many different ways. I would like to state the health and safety that I was given was enough but to emphasis about it more with leaflets and papers rather than just a video.

By putting up health and safety warnings in potential accident areas would boost the companies policies. The training that I was given was not ample. I was told to do stuff but not trained on doing so. If I were in charge of my work experience I would get some better training like key communication skills, IT skills and many more. I think the work experience was successful because I had completed all the tasks given to me and that I enjoyed the placement of work itself. Over the two week I learnt allot of things that will help in life.

Evaluation On my work experience coursework I found out the following about health and safety. There are many types of health and safety and I learnt about two. I learnt about the carrying wait and manual work as well as the ICT health and safety, which is a vital part. This will help me in the future and at school because I learned a lot from this and will intend to use it in my everyday life. What I have learnt form my work experience fro m being full time employed that there is a lot of responsibility.

This will be your only income and your only job and will be a vital part of your life. I have learnt that if I had to go into a full time job I would go in an occupation that I would enjoy. I wouldn't like to go in a job, which I disliked. This will help me to become a better citizen when I leave as I will now appreciate the things people do and what measures I can take to assist them and preventing and providing a safe working environment which I would like if I was in a job.

I now have a wide range and loads of information and respect on rights and responsibilities in schools and work. I will try to ensure I enforce them. Many people contributed to my work experience placement. The school helped a lot in getting the placement, my parents, my mate's dad and the placement itself. At the place met lots of people who were very pleasant. The people that I have mentioned above helped me to get the placement by applying, phoning, accepting, helping, assisting me with various way in my experience at the placement.

Before I started working at the placement I knew that I had to be on the best behavior and to be polite. Throughout the experience I managed to do that. I had used many different types of ways to get information. These were as follows Survey – this is useful as it is a quick way to get a lot of information. It was useful to me as I didn't have much time on my hands and needing a lot of information at once it was appropriate.  Internet – this is useful, as I have to search for anything I need to look up and is very fast method as well.

It was useful to me whilst trying to find the placement. Using this tool I found the place in no time at all. * Interviews – this is useful as you get all the information first hand and you can ask the questions physically and you can get instant responses. I found this useful when gathering information for my coursework and everybody was very helpful I could improve my coursework by doing many extra things and by doing the work experience again. I could do two work experiences at two different places and compare them.

It would be better to the work experience for longer as I could get more information, analyze the data and information I have and create a better coursework. By doing it with a more volatile environment I would defiantly succeed Overall my work experience was very successful as I learnt a lot form it. The work experience itself could be improved by doing it again, by doing it for a longer period and by doing two work experiences. If we were paid for work experience many people would put more effort and make it look like a real job