Nature of Crime in New Mexico

The total population of New Mexico is 1,928,384; it has a total crime index of or 1 crime for every 16. 93 people, of which 11. 89% (13,541) are of a violent nature while 70. 21% (79,995) are crimes against property. (Public Records Search, 2009) The main area of concern is the violent crimes that take place against individuals in New Mexico. The nature of crime in this region varies as shown in figure 1. 2. The most common crimes are vandalism or gang clashes as there is tribal system in this region.

Different gangs are found in tribes and they are also involved in assaulting each other. It is due to the fact that an ongoing rivalry is always present between the tribes. Most importantly over the years drug trafficking and terrorists activities have also started taking place in this region. New Mexico’s drug trafficking and alien smuggling networks have expanded their criminal activities aimed at the United States by capitalizing on the explosive growth of transborder commerce under NAFTA and the attendant growth in human and merchandise traffic between Mexico and the United States.

“The growth in trans-border commerce, as manifested in soaring levels of overland passenger and commercial vehicle traffic, has provided an ever-expanding “haystack” in which the “needles” of illicit narcotics and illegal aliens can be more easily concealed. ” (Ramon J. Miro, 2003, pg 1) Thus the nature of crime in New Mexico varies on a large scale. Crime Trends in New Mexico:

In 1995, it was predicted by a report that the general trend in crime will increase for next five to ten years which “include wider and growing abuse of drugs and alcohol, the crisis in family stability, the repercussions of the greater involvement of juveniles in crime, the impact of the disproportionate numbers of minorities arrested and incarcerated in the correctional system, the growing number of juveniles entering the adult system, and growing misuse and abuse of computer technology.

” (Crime Corrections and the Law in New Mexico, 1995, pg 1) Due to racial differences inequities and disparity of treatment continues. Lack of economic opportunity hastens the breakdown of the family structure. As well as the media is also playing a dubious and negative role plus the latest trend as earlier mentioned is of drug trafficking and terrorism.

The smugglers have a found an easy way to earn money due to poverty and thus the drug trafficking crime is escalating and is becoming the latest trend as it has been observed that alien smuggling from Mexico to the United States is a US$300 million-a-year business, second only to Mexico’s illicit drug trade in terms of revenues from criminal activities. “Between 100 and 300 human smuggling rings operate in Mexico, many of which are loosely coupled with one or more of a half-dozen core human smuggling networks that have extensive transnational contacts. ” (Ramon J. Miro, 2003, pg 1)