Monarchy Then and Now

The role of a monarch has changed quite drastically compared to that of hundreds of years ago in the Renaissance Period. The monarch’s, a king or queen, no longer have absolute control over their kingdom, cannot make laws, and cannot decide punishment for crimes. All this is left up to the courts, the prime minister, and parliament. Although the king/queen no longer has a political or executive role ,he/she still continues to play an important part in the life of the country as head of the state and head of the nation.

As head of the state, the monarch’s duties are to represent the nation abroad, take part in ceremonies, hand out awards, etc. as head of the nation, the monarchs duties are to act as a focus for British unity and identity. Other things that have changed in royalty since the renaissance period are that women now directly count in the case of succession . During the renaissance period a male child was mainly sought after in order to take the throne in the event that the king died .

Even if the first born child was a female she was only be considered if there was no male heir. That is no longer the case the eldest child whether male or female takes over the throne in the event that the current monarch dies. They’re also things that have stayed the same the king/queen still has the best of everything such as personal royal doctors, personal royal cooks, personal royal maids, etc. Some good things to having royalty are that they provide a living link to a nation’s history.

This gives them an identity and unifies countries that without it would be distant from one another. The bad thing to having royalty is that if the monarch wasn’t a good person nothing could be done until the person left the throne by either passing away or leaving the throne of their own accord. Another bad thing was that they could do whatever they liked. This left the citizens to the will of the monarch. Although having royalty is not as common as it was in the renaissance period, parts of it have still carried over to modern society.

For example, fashions of modern time aren’t based of the king/queen they are based on people of higher status such as celebrities. Also anytime someone comes into power whether that’s a king, queen, or president a special ceremony is held for them. A president has an inauguration and a king/queen has a coronation. The way I think Shakespeare might use royalty in his play, Romeo and Juliet, is by having Juliet and Romeo be from two different royal families who have long since been feuding with each other.