Military Life

It all began towards the end of junior in high school. I was walking towards the end of the lunch line when a man dressed in a nicely pressed tan shirt and dark blue pants with very shinny shoes approached me with a smile and said “Hello, bud how is it going? ” I stopped and looked at him with a concerned facial expression on my face and replied saying “I am fine sir? ” With a smile and on his face is laughed and asked if he could have few minutes of my time. I replied “Sure you may” wondering what he was going to say.

As I began to approach the table I began to notice a lot of flyers and paper expressing in bold letters how I could change my life and career if I made the decision to joining the service. At the moment I was not looking forward to joining the service so I was really interested. I stood their patiently waiting to hear what would I would be enlightened with when he asked me to take a seat. I sat down and began to give him my undivided attention. He started the conversation by saying “Hi! My name is SSG DelaRosa and I am in the Marine Corp. ” I replied “Nice to meet you SSG DelaRosa. I am Daniel.

” He extended his hand to give me a hand change and I extended mine in return. After our meet and greet he began to ask me if I had plans after high school and if I had the finance for college. After asking me a few questions he began to inform me on how the Marine Corps operates and the requirements need to join. As soon as he said requirements I thought “Oh No! This is not for me. ” After a couple more minutes of explaining this to me he end it with “Seems like you have a lot on your mind but I will let you take some time to think about it” as he handed me a stack of flyers and a folder.

I took them put them in my backpack give him a hand shake said “Thank you” and walked away. By the time I tried to get in line for lunch the bell had rang for me to go back to class. Later on that evening while having dinner with my family I told my mother what occurred that day. For a few seconds there was a dead silence at the table. I said “Mom did you hear what I said? ” She replied with a puzzled look on her face “Yes I did son”. My mother never mentioned anything about the idea of me joining the military. The following week I saw SSG DelaRosa I spoke to him

and made the decision to begin the process of enlisting into the Marine Corps. After that day I saw SSG DelaRosa almost every day. Just when I thought everything was going well SSG DelaRosa slowly began to ignore my phone calls or text messages so by this time I decided that the military was just not for me. So I left things how they were and I continue focusing on graduating from school. So it was my senior year in school and everyone was having conversation about what they were going to do after graduation. Some said college; other said work the family business, and the rest just listen.

Listening to everyone talking about their plans after high school had me thinking about what I was I going to do after graduation. I began to overthink the possibility of joining the military and making a career out it. So since I didn’t have a good outcome from my first attempt in trying to enlist I decide that this time I was going to sit down and do my research. For almost a month and a half I studied and selected some branches I would be interested in. Around March of 2010 decided I was going to walk into the Air Force recruiting office and try again.

When I walked in all I saw was a desk in of the middle of the room and no seating being the desk. All of a sudden I hear a voice from the back from saying “Please have a seat I will be right with you. “ Even though I was offered to take a seat I stood up and patiently waited to see the voice being the door. Out of the blue came out a short man dressed in a faded green army combat uniform. He asked me to take a seat introduced himself “Good Afternoon! I am SGT Rogers. How may I be of assistance today? ” I told him what my plans were and asked for his suggestions.

He spoke to me gave me information I need and I left and began to plan things out. Everything seemed to be going great until I took the ASAVB for the first time and failed it by 2pts. I was discouraged but worst SGT Rogers once again like the rest ignored me and my called. By this time I had just given up on the hope of even joining the service once again. In 2011 I tried one last time and with the United States Army recruiting station. From the moment I walked in the recruiters were very welcome and helpful.

One the recruiters, SGT Conaway approached me and gave me the overview of the requirements needed to join the army. After spending a couple of hours there I got all the information I need and made up my mind that very same day to join. Fast forward, it is 2012 and I have gone through basic training and currently station in Ansbach, Germany. Leaving home to to go to basic training was the most memorable day on my life was because I knew I was being to take control of my future and the life I wanted to build for myself. I am very happy with where I stand now.