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The author reckons that this issue on gun killings and gun scares, although many programs are being conducted to resolve the problem, there is much to do to properly address the issue. Along with the vote of the people for these city officials are their high hopes that their security and welfare shall be given high regard in return. If the local government can not act upon this issue, then what kind of security would be left to the people of Jacksonville but a shallow hope and uncontested taking of arms instituted by the public themselves. Overview Crime has always been an issue in any civilized society.

Although crimes and murders are not particularly commenced through the use of guns alone, the Wisconsin Legislature, through the Wisconsin Legislature Reference Library, since the 1960s has seen a connection between the high rates of murder in those states with firearm licensing laws (Knox, 1966). As City-data. com provides, although Jacksonville’s crime index has greatly decreased since the 1990s, from 520. 1 to 433. 8 in 2003, it is still far from the U. S. crime average of 325. 2 (see Appendix D). The index should be construed as the higher the index, the higher the crime incidence is.

As of 2005, it can be deduced that crime incidence in Jacksonville has gained its upward trajectory once more, thereby leaving it at 483. 2 – a leap of a little  more than 50 index points as that of 2003. Although carrying guns did not ultimately result to this leap in the crime index, it adds to the threat of further increasing said rate should the purchasing and licensing of guns be overlooked at. Johnston (2006), in his article, implied about the connection of Gun-free-zones to high rates of murder. He reckons: “Is it just me or does anybody else see the obvious connection between “gun-free zones” and murder?

Harris and Klebold at Columbine High School… John Lee Malvo in Baltimore… Charles McCoy in Columbus, Ohio… United 93… Washington, D. C. – the city with the highest murder rate in the country and the strictest gun control laws. Hmmm… “Gun-free zones” and cold-blooded mass murder – any connection? ” While there is a Gun Bounty which was donated by a coalition of businessmen in the community of Jacksonville for the Operation Safe Streets program under Jacksonville’s Sheriff’s Office (JSO) (Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, 2006), the issue on gun scares and killings has not totally been resolved.

Analysis The issue on killings and high rate of murder in Jacksonville has never died to this day. What really happened in Jacksonville is a result of the city officials’ nonchalance about gun trade and its licensure. Though the normal scapegoating that ‘it is nobody’s fault’ has been used time and again, the author argues that the local officials have the greatest responsibility in maintaining the equilibrium in the society considering all factors constituting it. As reiterated in numerous news reports, the homicide of 60 innocent men can not be altogether disregarded as that of the homicide of one .

The people, young and old, are the stakeholders here. The elected officials, even, are not exclusions to the list of people at stake. In short, the entire community of Jacksonville is involved. The former is a malignant social problem while the latter may just be caused by a personal problem intrinsic only to the killer. The high murder rates may also be a mirror of a social psyche which is nearing its maturity. That waiving of guns and carrying it anywhere in the city, due to the absence of strict laws prohibiting such, was deemed acceptable.

The proposal to allow employers to have guns on site (Guerrero, 2006) is also too a brilliant idea to increase employers’ liabilities should there be killings within their vicinities. It shall make mockery to the constitutional right for a safe and sound surrounding. This opinion of the author regarding House Bill 129 in Florida House also applies to guns in campuses, health institutions and employee cars. Such measure is not actually wise as it gives licenses to employers to kill their employees should they gravely threaten company security.

On the other hand, Senate Bill 2356 also known as the “Individual Personal Private Protection Act of 2007” is also an unwise measure for it gives employees to intimidate and kill their employers should they threaten his own security. Neither of these bills would seem to work and would only give bias to a class of employees or employers as to the rightful ownership and usage of a firearm. Action Plan While people can always express their views and journalists can always report about the same depressing issues time and again, the solution lies in good legislation.

Although it is well and good that some people are allowed to carry guns for their protection, it also different when the statistics of these people rises almost equal to the majority of the population in the area. The author suggests that gun trade and licensure should undergo a legislative process wherein a person would have to argue with legislators as to his need and competency of having one. Soldiers, policemen and the militia are of course exempted to this rule as they are mandated by federal law to have such.

The author also suggests that before the aforementioned rule is legislated, a gun buyback program must be commenced such that all firearms in the hands of civilians must be turned over to the state and all those who would not surrender their guns and ammo shall be charged with a felony with a grave punishment. For the author’s personal action plan, joining issues and various fora pertinent to the issue on gun bans shall be a pledge. The author has also been engaging in different online forums about the issue on gun bans and gun scare as it has become imperative to do so.

The author also plans to corroborate with other students in forming a committee which will handle a symposium about the grave issue on murder rates having Florida’s legislators in attendance. The author has also included herewith his own letter of invitation addressed to Senator Tony Hill, hereby inviting him to speak on behalf of the Florida Senate and as the Vice Chair on the Committees on Community Affairs and Military Affairs and Domestic Security as regards the Senate’s plan to deal with the issue on high murder rate in Jacksonville (see Appendix E).