Mercedes benz overview

Part 2: Overview/Summary description of Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz is a subsidiary of the Daimler groups founded in 1886, that are specialize in the making of luxury cars, buses and trucks. Mercedes is among the pioneer of automobiles which was able to survive. It is among the biggest automobiles manufacturers that employs 275,000 people throughout the world. The company mostly sponsors big events that attract many people such as golf, tennis and the New York fashion show.

Mercedes is an innovative company that think of the future, that is why they are still operating and according to Forbes magazines they recently has a brand value of $23.5 billion. They provide their customers with the latest improvements in their safety, comfort and class. Daimler has also been investing themselves into the development of green technologies resulting in hybrid cars such as the SLS AMG Coupe Electric drive powered by electricity.

Daimler is a company who believes that their future success depends on their employees that is why they always look for high performing persons, that are efficient, motivated and who has the passion for the job. They believe that team working is the way of achieving future success, mostly by welcoming new ideas and knowledge from the workers. The organization also believes that they should be an attractive employer in order to recruit efficient employees and also to motivate its existing employees to be more productive.

They provide their workers with a flexible work with a balance working time, so that they get can balanced their professional and private life. Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler were among the pioneer of car manufacturing and their company is still continuing their pioneering spirit that they had, by continuously improving the automobile industry with class, safety and pollution-free engines. Daimler AG.2014. Company overview: Referencing, not plagiarism., Reuters. 2013. Mercedes Benz: Referencing, not plagiarism.