Legal Writing

In this entry I needed to write a reflective essay on topic of Legal Drafting, which is one of the most important topics that lawyers must know, because it is essential knowledge that lawyer must possess. This topic is one of the most practical topics, and in our future lawyers life it will be basis of writing legal documents. Now I will need to critically analyze and evaluate my knowledge of topic through reflecting on work in class and individual studies.

In this CW there are five questions and now I shall try to answer them. For studying this aspect of module I used the same approaches as I used before in previous topics, but also I used some new modes of studies. First of all I tried to find as many good relative sources as I could; I even registered on special lawyer's forum, where Russian speaking students of English universities share information and sources on special topics. It was new experience for me, but it helped me very much.

As always I took my notebook, and started to read all the relevant sources that I found, and during this took some notes about legal drafting, types of legal writing, practical exercises and how to improve legal drafting. And then, when I choose the best sources, I started to structure all my notes and knowledge on this topic. So there sometimes I used inductive method of study, and sometimes Inductive. It was not hard, because there are a lot of good sources and books in which all the information well structured.

In the classes we studied new every lecture and tutorial, also clarified a lot of information and one of the best studies were during our group work. It is really helps in studying, because in a group if you would not understand something, there are always people, who will help you and explain, and when you are explaining something, you remember the topic better and knowledge is more structured. I think that in my approach the main advantage is that I am good at critical analysis and evaluation and group works.

It helped me in studying this aspect of module very well. Of course there were some problems on studying legal drafting, but for them I have separate paragraph of essay. As in other aspects of module, in part of legal drafting there were problems with sources. There is very big amount of sources on topic of legal writing, on types of legal writing, on how to improve on rules of legal writing, and when I read a lot of sources I did not know which source I would choose.

This problem I solved through advice that I asked from my group mates, and also as I wrote earlier I found forum, where Russian speaking students from different English Law universities share information, sources and so on. Most of sources I use I found there. This is how I solved this problem. As I mentioned in previous entries there were some problems with group work. This aspect is not exclusion. The main problem of group work is human factor. It is just relations between people. But one of the biggest problems in group work is not misunderstanding, it is irresponsibility. These problems were solved through communication inside group.