Legal Aspects of Education

To educate it people is a primary responsibility a government with the teachers and school officials as the implementing body of this system. By the government setting a standard of education, it may help maintained the order of the system, yet too much legalization on the school law may hinder the innovative educators to perform, as they are willing to do. With the quote delivered by William Bennett, secretary of education, in an address to the American Bar Association entitled “The Role of Law in Education Reform” in 19978, I strongly believed and agreed on Mr.

Bennett aimed to let the educators go beyond the legal interference simply because my conviction is that learning is a continuing process and as the time goes by, new ideas may develop and our known standard may become obsolete. Just like what he said, “As in the military, let the men and women in the field call the shot” Teachers are the people who deal directly with their students and the best person to assess what to teach and how to deliver it, depends upon the level of understanding of their students.

Primarily, the objective of legalization of education is to advance the mission of public schools but in reality, it’s drawing boundaries of limit to the missions. If the teachers failed to deliver what she think is needed, the system and the mission fails as well. The effect of this will be at the lost of the students.

Too much limitations to educators hindered student to obtain innovative education. However, this can be avoided if standard are properly set, updated and reviewed according to the necessity of learning.