Labour s Party failure

?This speech was written by Francis Pym, a British politician, and a member of the Concervative Party , it denounces the Labour’s Party failure in leading Britain out of its crisis and the bad reputation it gave Britain among other European countrys. Pym’s aim is to analyse Labour’s Policys and their results and to present what is the best to Braitain’s development . Is Britain able to rebuild itself ? I/ Europe, a long-term solution for Britain’s future prosperity and security 1/ Aiming for a bigger objective.

On the 5th of June 1975, 67% of British voters supported continued membership of the EEC ‘European Economic Community’ which it had entered in 1973 under the Conservative government of Edward Heather; this was the first referendum that was held through the entire UK. For Francis Pym, this vote represented the will of British people for building a brighter future for next generations “L. 3: We took that decision for the greater security and future prosperity of our children”.

People at that time believed that they had to play a part in making a stronger Europe , a free , united and democratic Europe “L. 4-5 : We believed then, that we in Britain must play our part in building a stronger, Free, united and democratic Europe. ” Pym is also saying that Britain must Leave its selfish policy’s behind, its concentration on its own problems is its bigger handicap, Britain does not need temporary solutions, but it needs to work on a long term ones “L.

6-10”, Short sighted Britain will never go forward, a long-term national objective was needed “L. 12-13: What this country has lacked for too long is a long-term national objective, something on which to set our sights. ” On its own Britain can no longer have an influence on world affairs anymore, it should accept this reality and give itself a new role , a role inside the European Community , to keep, at least, exercising its political and economic influence at the European Level.

2/ Joining a bigger group The General slowdown in worldwide economic activities pushed all countries to adopt protectionism , an policy of restraining trade between states or countries which can damage Britain if it leaves the European Community , Britain will no more be able to stand on the same economic level with its fellow European or the groing Soviet Imperialism, Britain HAVE TO stay in the European Community in order to survive in this new world.

According to Pym, The Labour party did not work enough on Britain’s European Position , and with the lack of positiv results, people starts losing faith in this project , retracting and starting to refuse a full-time job inside the European Community “L. 19-21: Yet our faith in that idea has been allowed to diminish and the political will in this country to play a full part in world affairs has weakened.

There is distrust of the Community’s purpouse, even opposition to its efforts. 3/ Britains dependency on economic and protective alliances Britain was no longer The dominating, self-Sufficent country it was before , its glorious days were far behind , its future depended on the complementary alliances of EEC ‘European Economic Community ‘ and NATO ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization’ for economy and protection “L.

22-23: Yet our future prosperity, and more significant still our future security, depend upon the complementary alliances of the EEC and NATO ; the one economic, the other protective. Britain was still living in a dream world and it was time for it to open its eyes , look to reality and try to find permanent solutions to its problems; Britain was in need for this alliance with Europe but instead opposition to it grown for political reasons .

The actual goverment was not doing what is good for Britain but instead , pulling is behing “L. 30-33: But quite simply, in the EEC context, Europe has not failed us; we have failed to make the best of membership. Labour’s damaging economic policies at home have blunted our competitive edge and have hindered our industry in taking full adventage of the new wider market. ” Transition : Every thing seems in the favour of a European Britain, so why and how Britain failed in its European experience ? II/ Reasons behind Britains failur.

1/ The Labour Goverment’s effect on Britain’s relationship with the European Community The Labour party, Led by Harold Wilson and then James Callaghan as Prime Minister of the united Kingdom , Governed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1974 until 1979, and During Mr Callaghan periode , his Ministers were allowed to act as they wanted , ignoring the referendum and their European belonging , Focusing on short-term interests and not trying to benefit from the adventage of being member of the European community “L. 35-37: Mr.

Callaghan has allowed his Ministers to ignore the referendum and to go on fighting their old anti-Market battles. 2/ Britain, completely off the mark in 1979, Under Jenkins European Commision, Europe established the EMS ‘European Monetary System’ arrangement where most nations of the European Economic Community ‘EEC’ linked their currencies, But since Mr. Callaghan’s policy were just focused on the inside matters , and not enough on the European scale , Britain’s situation became worst, and the other European countries were no more able to help, since Britain was blaming them for its own mistakes “L.

39-45″ 3/ Britain Situation may get worst 1979, Britain’s leaders plan is to leave the EEC, refusing to admit their Failure and blaming Europe for it and they also got the support of little englanders : opponents of globalisation , overly nationalistic people that want to see their country outside the European Community “L. 46-47: What the Left want now , apparently is to take us out . The Little Englanders are back with us but in a much more dangerous form. ” Transition: Is leaving the EEC a good solution for Britains problems ?

III/ Reasons for not leaving the European Community 1/ Britain cannot leave the Community Britain’s situation is delicate, the general elections were the point were Britain have to finally choose its side , Pym says that leaving is not the solution “L. 50: Withdrawal is no option now and never has been” Starting to be an active European member is Britain number one priority at the moment , with Britain’s assention through the Community , the Community itself can become stronger “L.

52-53: What has become very urgent is the need to make a success of membership for Britain and to get the Community working better and more effectively. ” And the Party that can help Britain to succeed is the next Conservative Goverment “L. 53-54: These will be the two aims of the next Conservative Goverment. ” 2/ The Conservative Goverment plans in opposition to the Labour Party , The Conservative are aiming for a future inside the European Community “L.

55-56: A Conservative Goverment will aim to make the best , not the worst, of membership. We want to show our faith in the Community’s objectives. “, Cooperation and developement of both sides (British & European) was Britain’s Future, because Europe shared the same interest with Britain, the development of Britains will not only be positiv to itself but to every one in the Community “L. 56-60”. 3/ Succeeding inside the Community

Succeeding was not that hard, Britain just had to make the right calls, and to show more commitment to the Community it belonged to ( European Community ) , development lies in making good partnerships with new European allies and building a new bargening strengh after it was destroyed by Labour Ministers “L. 64-68: The way to succeed in the Community lies in developing our bargening strengh with our partners. Only by showing our faith and commitment to the Community’s purpouse can we bank sufficient credit with our friends – credit we can then draw on when special circumstances in Britain must be considered.

A Conservative Goverment will work to rebuild our bargening strengh, shamefully run down by Labour Ministers.. “. Britain had all the keys of success in its hands from the begening, but was unable to unlock it due to stubborn Ministers and non competent leaders . It had to wake up at a certain point , and admit that eaven the mighty Britain may need a little help from its neighboors to keep the wheel going and not fall apart and be left behind in a world that keeps changing and evolving every day.