If Upton Sinclair were President

Upton Sinclair had strong socialistic beliefs and had the courage to stand up to his convictions. If he became the President of the United States, he would take tough steps that would ameliorate the conditions of the oppressed and would have far reaching effects not only on the internal policies of the USA but also its foreign policies. If Upton Sinclair was the President and the devastation due to Katrina took place, he would have ordered food and clothing to be airlifted and delivered by army helicopters to each of the stranded victim.

Every family that lost its home would be given a government built home within 15 days. The army would airlift tents and food material into the disaster zone. The army would treat every victim with dignity and ensure that if the victim has lost his means to livelihood he would be offered a job commensurate with his abilities (Subacius. G & Donskis. L 89). Till the government found a job for each of the victims they would be paid cash compensation that would match their earnings prior to Katrina.

If Upton Sinclair was the President of the USA, he would strike a deal with each of the Group of Eight industrialized nations namely China, India, South Africa, Brazil and the European Union that the USA would cut down its production of greenhouse gasses if they reciprocally agreed to do so (Dell. F 53). Upton Sinclair would impose criminal penalties on US companies that did not meet the substantial reductions requirements of greenhouse gases. Upton Sinclair would have honored the Kyoto Protocol. In fact he would have developed an international law that would limit the production of carbon emissions.

Upton Sinclair would have proposed the creation of an international fund under the UN that would be used to compensate developing countries that suffered from reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses. If Upton Sinclair were the President, he would have established a system of progressive taxation. The rich would be taxed at higher rates and the poor would be subsidized. The tax slabs would ensure that those who earned between $500,000 and $1,000,000 per annum would be required to pay taxes at the rate of 60% of their income.

And those that earned above $1,000,000 would be required to pay 70% tax on the income earned over $1,000,000. Those families that earned less than $20,000 per annum would be subsidized by the government so that the incomes of these families were brought up to a minimum of $20,000 per annum. The system of taxes and subsidiaries would be one of the most important means used by Upton Sinclair to reduce inequalities of income and wealth in the American society (Sinclair. U, “Theirs be the Guilt: A Novel of the War Between the States”, 156).

If Upton Sinclair were the President of the United States he would sanction $25 billion over the period of next four years for stem cell research. He would support the use of stem cells for transplant tissues to treat diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and even cancer. Upton Sinclair would insist that the health of the people was most important and the benefits of the research be made available to the most indigent in the country through a system of health subsidies. The government will provide grants for the equipment used for stem cell research and the labs carrying out the research will be subsidized by the federal government.