Presidents of the United States

1) Admiral George Dewey once said, “the office of President is not such a very difficult one to fill, his duties being mainly to execute the laws of Congress.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement. Explain why.

2) List five INFORMAL qualifications you think one should have in order to be seriously considered for the presidency. Explain your choices. (You may use some of the suggested qualifications mentioned in the video.)

3) At about $400,000 a year, the President’s salary is far more than that of the average citizen, yet less than the yearly income of many wealthy Americans. Do you think the President is fairly compensated? Why or why not?

4) Would you consider becoming the President of the United States someday, now that you know a little bit more of what is entailed in the job? Why or why not?

Link to or copy and paste the following on your web browser so you can watch the following video on “The Electoral College.”

Now answer the following critical thinking questions and submit them electronically:

5) Suppose you have been asked to draft a plan for reforming the electoral college. Choose one of the methods discussed in the book (Ch 13, Sec 5) or write one of your own. Explain how your plan will work, and why you think it is superior to other proposed reforms.

6) Under what circumstances can the winner of the popular vote fail to win the presidency? Name one time when this has happened.