Government shutdown

Republican and Democrats couldn’t agree on a spending for the fiscal year (from Oct.1- Sept30), which started on Tuesday as they debated over Obamacare. The government shut down; cause congress has a duty in the Constitution, passing spending bills to fund the gov. In not doing that functions of gov. ranging from funding agencies, paying out small business loans, and processing passport request come to a halt. As some services like Social Security, air traffic, and active military pay continue to be funded.

Congress still gets paid also. House Republicans insist any new spending bill include provisions to defund, chipping away at Obamacare, while Senate Democrats are as insistent that it doesn’t. Obamacare isn’t directly tied to the spending bill, but senator Ted Cruz believes the president’s domestic policy achievement is bad for the country and it’s worth disrupting government funding to undercut it. In the Democrats’ defense, the law will expand access to health care and help with the rising cost of coverage.

ImpactsGovernment services: home loans, supplemental food assistance Almost all of NASA shut down, except for Mission Control in Houston National parks, Smithsonian museums, and National Zoo closed. Extra facts: The shutdown in terms of affecting the economy, economist Brian Kessler firm estimates that a three to four week shutdown would cost economy about $55 billion Shutdown affecting us? Well we’ll have to wait for federal loans in order to buy a house, and in wanting a gun permit or a passport not going to happen. The shutdown will not affect Obamacare since it comes from new taxes and fees, as well as cost cuts from programs like Medicure and other types of funding, which will continue despite government shutdown.