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This new was talking about the Shutting down of us Government temporarily. It has already caused lost of unstable for United State in certain time and impact some aspect of country's operation. Because of that, all leaders form us government, including the president Mr. Obama also pending his plan to stay back for resolving those issued problems. The reason why that case happened because there are some conflict about the policies, the benefits appear among 2 sides of main controlling forces of USA: one is The Republican and the second is the Democrats party.

In fact, The United States now is facing to lacking of finance for all expends and getting close to the bankrupt. To ease all international partners, US Trade representative Jonh informed that the shutting down is just "an example of the robustness of our democracy" and it does not significantly screw down any America‘s affect on international zone. Basing on this circumstance, the author would choose to research the reason why that can be happened in USA? and how the US Government handle it. (BBC. (2013). US shutdown: Kerry warns on foreign policy impact [online]. News Asia.

Available from: http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/world-asia-24410213 [accessed 10 October 2013]. ) First we need to understand what is Goverment shutdown? and why it could happen? Basing on the facts, there are 12 appropriations bills need to be funded for the federal agencies and set spending priorities on time each year in order to keep them run frequently. However conflicts always occure between Democrats and Republican in the House and Senat of USA, becaus of that the vote is towards the deadline could be approved it leads to close down temporarily some partial operating (Brad.P. (2013).

Absolutely everything you need to know about how the government shutdown will work [online]. Weblog. Available from: http://www. washingtonpost. com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/09/30/absolutely-everything-you-need-to-know-about-how-the-government-shutdown-will-work/ [accessed 10 October 2013]). In addition, the shutting down of federal goverment does not mean the entire country will stop, it just some of less neccessary components are closed while other important offices still maintained such as: “Air traffic control stays open.

So does all emergency medical care, border patrol, federal prisons, most law enforcement, emergency and disaster assistance, overseeing the banking system, operating the power grid, and guarding federal property…. ” Hence the worry about the collapse of this strongest country can be taken insignificantly. Second, main reason issues the trouble above that is the debt circumstance of federal goverment. Due to lacking of money to spend for many accounts or bills of other external operations besides maintaining internal operations, the close down can not be avoided unless they have an effective solution to ballance budget.

In this case, one solution is offered by rising up new debt ceiling (that the government can borrow) for maintaining funding at current levels in 2013 for 2014 without additional conditions from Rebublicant and Democrats discouraged this extremtly. When the agreement can not be set from both sides, the congress can not enact new legislation, so there is no budget to run the Regular government operations. (The associated press. (2013). Budget Battle 2013: Lawmakers blame each other as government shutdown looms [online].

Daily News.

Available from:http://www. nydailynews. com/news/politics/budget-battle-2013-lawmakers-blame-B government-shutdown-looms-article-1. 1463901 [accessed 15 October 2013]). At the present, the author will show to readers why 2 sides of US government usually have conflicts, thats all about their different thought. While Republicans focus on how to gain life of poor people, Democrats just aim for how to get most benefit in business activities.

Thats why the more budget spent to society will be less chance for them to launch up profitable scopes.for instant: War is one of the bigest business because they can sell weapons and reach their affects further in overall the world then one in the time US shutdown what things affected and what are stay on? here is the answer: For what stay on: During a shutdown There are 1. 3 million or essential civilian employees who stay in some main key government functions still work to serve important requirments of whole country. Listed below air travel, international travel, benefit payments, federal courts, mail, national security, public safety.

These key agencies play the role of keeping country stability, ensure nothing will benefit the time to cause damage to america’s safety. For things impacted: There are 700. 000 to 800. 000 employees do not get paychecks ,most of them are related to society services like: RECREATION (Parks and museums),Health, Housing, Immigration, FOOD SAFETY, taxes, Loan, SCIENCE…. Mean, American will not be continute recieve those benefits from government, is also tell us that life condition is supended. With some developing country, there are or there aren’t those agencies that is not a problems becouse they are uesd to be less recieved.

But USA is the development country, people are so used to be get adapt with, hence lacking of that in long term definitely bring many upsetting to them, the image of government may be blur in certain time. (Associated Press. (2013) No trips to Alcatraz but school lunch is still being served: How government shutdown would affect daily life as Senate prepares to vote tomorrow [online]. Mail Online.

Available from: http://www. dailymail. co. uk/news/article-2437658/How-government-shutdown-affect-ordinary-Americans.html [accessed 10 October 2013]) Moroever, the economy will be hurt too, ” If shuttdown appears just a few days, the hit might not be severe. But the total economic impact is likely to be at least 10 times greater than the simple calculation of lost wages of federal workers, said Brian Kessler, economist with Moody's Analytics. His firm estimates that a three- to four-week shutdown would cost the economy about $55 billion. ” (Holly, Y. (2013). Government shutdown: Get up to speed in 20 questions [online]. CNN (1 October 2013).

Available from:http://edition. [accessed 15 October 2013]) In oder to see it clear, the author compared the present to some facts in the past. Marking on the left of time previously ,USA has total 17 times declared suspend working since the modern congressional budgeting process took effect in 1976. Though, there are different reasons for the fails but the main points to suspend activities are equal. The reviewing of the setting up again financial policies which is focus Budget on society field oftens cause many agurments. Shutdown #1: HEW down Sept.

30 to Oct. 11, 1976 in 10 days Shutdown #2: The Abortion Shutdown Sept. 30 to Oct. 13, 1977 in 12 days. Shutdown #3: The Abortion Shutdown II: Abortion Boogaloo Oct. 31 to Nov. 9, 1977 in 8 days Shutdown #4: The Abortion Shutdown III: Dark of the Moon Nov. 30 to Dec. 9, 1977 in 8 days Shutdown #5: Jimmy Carter vs. the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Sept. 30 to Oct. 18, 1978 in 18 days Shutdown #6: Higher pay, fewer abortions Sept. 30 to Oct. 12, 1979 in 11 days Shutdown #7: You wouldn't like Reagan when he's angry Nov. 20-23, 1981 in 2 days Shutdown #8: Let them eat shutdown.

Shutdown #9: Tip O'Neill takes on a nuclear missile and wins Dec. 17-21, 1982 in 3 days Shutdown #10: So you can have your missiles but Israel gets some, too Nov. 10-14, 1983 in 3 days Shutdown #11: Omni shutdown Sept. 30 to Oct. 3, 1984 in 2 days Shutdown #12: Omni shutdown II — Shut Down Harder Oct. 3-5, 1984 in 1 day Shutdown #13: Welfare expansion fail Oct. 16-18, 1986 in 1 day Shutdown #14: I Think You're a Contra Dec. 18-20, 1987 in 1 day Shutdown #15: Somebody come up with a plan! Shutdown #16: Clinton v. Gingrich, the First Nov. 13-19, 1995 5 days President: Bill Clinton.

Shutdown #17: Clinton v. Gingrich, the Second: Baseline Boogaloo Dec. 5, 1995 to Jan. 6, 1996 in 21 days President: Bill Clinton (Dylan. M. (2013). Here is every previous government shutdown, why they happened and how they ended [online]. WONKBLOG. Available from: http://www. washingtonpost. com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/09/25/here-is-every-previous-government-shutdown-why-they-happened-and-how-they-ended/ [accessed 12 October 2013]) After reading through the information in the link, the author picked up the last late situation occured in 1995 to do a comparison to the fact in 2013.

Both circumtances also happned by the healthcare policies, it cost so hight in all aspects of life. For exmaple: Disabled American Veterans Disabled American Veterans who risk their life in war to protect USA benefit will not recieve the funding from goverment on time. After the shutdown, there is at least 30% backlog will be reduced from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Its mean disabled veterans can not get their benefits on time. Veterans' Job Retraining For sodiers who come back, and return from overseas. They need the transition back into civilian life.

The goverment may reduce supporting up to 1. 400 service members according to the delay of opertion. “The effects were significant for America's heroes searching for employment”. Waste, Fraud, & Abuse Identification “The delays in completing over 1,600 medical disability reviews and over 10,000 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) redeterminations each day. " Costs for the Private Sector “the loss in GDP is up to 0. 5%. OMB/BLS estimate that the shutdown limited the creation of 120,000 jobs. ” Federal Contractors: More Costs for the Private Sector.

“Over the first two weeks of the shutdown, small businesses contracts with DOD were cut by almost one-third and spending was down 40%, compared with the same period in the previous year. " Safety and Health Government has not enought ability to maintain their involve to cover people from variety problems in healthcare and safety field. At the end, readers can see the failure in approving resolution funding already generates a managerial mess for federal government. (John, H. (2013).

OMB Details the Costs of the Government Shutdown [online]. Brooking. Available from: http://www. [accessed 17 October 2013]) In contrast, the shutdown brought some convenient too because everything is always has two faces of one hand. The disadvantages of closing down federal governmetn has been stated but how about the advantages of it? Reading over papers, the author did not see any comments or analysis about that.

By doing brainstorm and self anylizing, the author would say that: Shutdown is giving few advantages which must be considered. Lets say setting up policies on paper is very good, however in reality many problems occur , obviously they need to be fixed. If the subjective wants from Republicans always maintained then who are dare to announce that nothing will be wrong?

The life changes everyday hence something would be different after the time of applying the new articles. There is no doubt that all those society supporting issues aim for the best life of people, but people should recognize the truth ‘How did USA become the strongest country in the world? Entire society utilities has been providing in the long time which is came from the international benefits of USA. This implies, USA financial system extremely needs much of funds.

The more budgets they have, the more strategies plans can be carried out in order to keep the country standing on overall others. It is not only show of the affects on United State power but also prove that Americans really respect human rights in this country. There is no place in the world where people can fight for their justice, for their happiness, for their freedom and for the rights without suppression. This is the perfect condition that has been evolving the country goes far the most. Within seventeen close downs the USA still stands for last long and they speak to the world the truth that USA cannot be broke easily.

Basing on above argument, the author gives the estimation to conclude: USA shutdown is not good but it also the time to federal government looks back them self. Finding out their mistakes, approve a suitable resolution which will meet all people needs and avoiding risky troubles in future. Finally, the problem can be avoided or not either depends on the politician’s perception. In other words they perception will lead to right decision that ensure American’s life is the most important rather than the group’s benefit.

Thinking over the situation, readers are able to realize no matter how 2 sides of federal government have conflict, at the end they always sit on together to suggest the good way for the development of the country. The stability of USA holds the meaningful point of survival.


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