Gay Marriage

Gay marriage has become one of the most controversial and debated topics in recent years. When it comes to the legalization of gay marriage, we are clearly a nation divided. One side of the scholarly divide holds a strong belief that gay marriage is morally wrong and should not be legalized. On the other hand, there are those who argue that same-sex couples should be afforded the same right to marry that is granted to all other citizens. Is marriage a civil right of every individual and denying it to the gay community discriminatory? This, they argue is in line with the liberal nature of our society, where individual rights are guaranteed.

This research paper examines how our Western beliefs on same-sex marriage have been shaped by societal beliefs on morality. I hope to convey the notion that marriage is a universal right, not solely bestowed on heterosexual couples, but instead be shaped by the individual’s morality. However, the necessity of legalization of gay marriage has yet to be examined in the context of social and moral values. Gay marriage, therefore, is morally wrong as the concept of marriage is conventionally believed to be between people with opposite sex. Homo sex- The Root Cause for Gay Marriage

Man’s sexual preferences may be of several kinds such as homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual. Human beings sometimes do not prevent themselves from having limit for their sexual pleasure. They prefer to have sex not only with opposite gender but with same and/or opposite gender. Among these, homosexuality has been a subject of debate from time immemorial. Homosexuals are persons who find pleasure in having sexual intercourse with same gender. In the words of David W. Lutz, “homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex.

It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures” (Lutz, 2004, 192). The male homosexuals are popularly known as gays and female homosexuals, lesbians. The subject of homosexuality has been phenomenally discussed and many thoughts have been developed over the past years. Experts such as psychologists and scholars have developed many insights on it, which became the basis for further analysis and critical thinking by doctors, psychiatrists, society and judiciary.

This phenomenon has been legally intervened all over the world many times, but that attempt has been criticized by homosexuals on the plea that it is equal to the denial of human rights. Hence, there have been arguments both in favor of and against this phenomenon across courtiers in the world. Some feel that homosexuality is a criminal offence and homosexuals have to be trailed, charged and imprisoned for developing good behavior and lead a dignified life. A few think that it is the result of bad thinking / mental disorder and they can be corrected through counseling, personal repentance and believing to god.

It is also believed by some people that it is a quite natural and normal phenomenon, which is genetically developed. The issue is getting more and more public support and it is evident from a recent public opinion poll in the US, which reveals that “the public is slowly shifting towards acceptance of a homosexual orientation as normal and natural for a minority of adults. Increasingly, Americans support equal rights for gays and lesbians, including the right to marry or enter into civil unions” (About Public Opinion).

At this juncture, this paper attempts to explore the various thoughts on homosexuality and its repercussions on various walks of life. It also tries to assess the involvement of homosexuality in government sector in the US. The paper takes a narrative approach to describe the issue of homosexuality in the US in general and in the government sector in particular. The paper takes in detail the issue of homosexuality and its reasons with great emphasis on the much debated opinion that whether homosexuality is innate or chosen. The history of same sex love is as old as human history.

It is still unknown to everybody that how the erotic attraction to same gender came in the history of human kind. It is believed that the first and foremost instance of same sex love is associated with the practice of ancient pagan religious practices (Buchanan). It is also emphasized that Greek culture is often believed to be a great fillip for the development and growth of same sex lovers and their distinct sexual orientation. There are many such instances in the history of the Greek which had promoted homosexuality and the erotic attraction of men and women for having same sex pleasure.

One such instance is documented in the works of Blumenfeld and Raymond. They wrote, “Similarly, the Greek attitude toward sex was, for the most part, value-neutral. …And, though exclusive homosexuality was probably discouraged as a threat to the family, it was widely tolerated both for older men who had children and for younger men prior to marriage” (Buchanan). Moreover, the attitude of Greek military toward same sex love was little bit surprising. They believed that the inclusion of a male lover or lovers in the regiment would augment the might of soldiers and their sincerity to work hard.

However, to become exclusively homosexual was considered by Greek extremely difficult for the society and reinforced the importance of bisexual to retain productivity and human kind. The lawful issues surrounding gay marriage in the United States are influenced by the nation’s federal structure of government. Previously the federal government did not endeavor to found its explanation to the marriage. But it documented the marriage structure that was fist time recognized by the state.

Ultimately with the course of the Defense of marriage Act in 1996, however a marriage was openly defined as an amalgamation of one man and one woman for the principle of federal law. But, no act of the federal government currently recognizes the same sex marriage. With regard to gay marriage, it is an external kind of individuality that does not distinguish the authority of rising social inclination that often found with only modest persons bucking conservative patterns of performance. Unenthusiastic social trends found with only a few deviation.

Steadily, however, social authorize weaken and individual abnormality became a violent flow (Benne, 2004). While considering to the traditional era of 1960’s, when illegitimacy and cohabitation were comparatively uncommon, society was being asked how one young woman having a baby absent of marriage or living with a bachelor man could impair their neighbors. But now we can see there are negative social efforts and those living conditions fully spawned. Robert Benne and Gerald McDermott in an online article remark that “institutionalizing homosexual marriage would be bad for marriage, bad for children and bad for society” (Benne, 2004).

The Christian community has also opposed the issue of legalization of gay marriage. An important online source says about gay marriage that sex as god designed it as the church has a vital part to play in spending the good news about sex. However the study is quite opposed to the gay marriage and it expressed its statement as we will attempt to understand God’s design for sex and how the church can facilitate widen the world. Philip Yancey opines in this regard that the “western civilization is over stimulated and over sexed” (Yancey, 2003).

While another study by the Christian bible studies stated in the name of ‘The Da Vinci Code and Other Heresies’. The study looks at some of the ordinary unorthodoxy in our society nowadays and about the extensive appeal of restricted spiritual awareness (Wilson, 2004). Gay marriage is bad for small Business The GOP chairman Michael Steele opines that the Gay marriage is bad for small business. The Republicans can achieve a broader support by recast gay marriage as a matter that could dimple pocketbooks as little businesses waste more on vigor care and other reimbursement.

In his statement he opines that college students who described themselves as the they are fiscally conservative but socially liberal on issues like gay marriage (Bynum, 2009). There are certain reasons in which it states that why the gay marriage it is unwanted or bad to the society. 1. Gays & lesbians make poor parents. The statement by the State of Hawaii, the Roadman Catholic Church declared that the gays and lesbians in dedicated connection make inferior parents. The finest way to promise that children get the greatest potential upbringing is to necessitate spouses to be of different genders.

The witness argues that the on regular, gay and lesbian couples are as affectionate as are contradictory sex couples and are uniformly as proficient as parents. 2. Children need to be raised by their biological parents Children are improved off when lift by their natural parents. In a same-sex marriage at least one parent would be hereditarily unconnected to the child. The general divorce rate approaching 50% as a large minority of children will indulge in the gay marriage at some time in their lives.

Child acceptance is underside on the faith that genetically-unrelated adults can adore a child as their personal, and perform a superior job lift the child. 3. A child with same-sex parents will be subjected to hate With the similar disagreement, one could propose that all inter-racial marriages should be excluded and that all persons of mixed-race lineage should not be permitted to get married since their kids will be of varied ethnic lineage and may practice prejudice from racial diehard. Additional people’s prejudice or homophobia should not be worn to reject primary human rights to gays and lesbians.

4. Marriage is only feasible if the couple is monogamous; same-sex couples cannot be. It is significant to understand that the majority opposite-sex marriages are not monogamous. The proportion of heterosexual husband who connect in at least one extra-marital pitch move toward 50%. The proportion of opposite-sex matrimony in which together associates are monogamous is fewer than 50%. 5. Same-sex spouses cannot bring children into the world by themselves A lesbian or a male gay couple cannot have children. But neither a man nor a woman is infertile, either for a therapeutic cause or because of age.

Several opposite-gender teams get married and settle on to never have a child between them. Many unfruitful couples, both same-sex and opposite-sex can become expectant if they attend a lushness clinic. According to the US National Centre for Health Statistics, the number of the infertile married couples reached to 2. 1 million. And the statement shows that the couple should marry unless they produce children. 6. Children raised by gay or lesbian parents will become homosexuals’ adults. The human sexuality researcher researched that a person does not decide their sexual direction, whether heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.

However their behavior tends to discriminates less on stuff of race, gender or sexual orientation. And they tend to get more sexual experience before marriage. 7. Homosexual activity is a capital offense in the Bible According to the bible the Homosexual activity is a capital offence and the magnitude which understands the course as reproachful all sexual acts between two men could positively employ it as a validation to reject to marry a same-sex male couple. 8. General public agrees that homosexuality is immoral It is factual that traditional spiritual groups censure homosexual behavior.

However it endorses equivalent rights for persons and couples of all sexual orientations. Several route churches are vigorously debating their position on these matters. 9. Same sex marriage would be a radical change to society. The same sex marriage should not be permitted in the present and future. Because the slavery may still be experienced, men would be intelligent to rape their wives with impunity; women may be banned from entering in to the public spaces or to occupations, and non-vigor brides would be stoned to bereavement even today in the North America.

10. Marriage has always been between one man and one woman. The marriage confirmation from the cultures and the times display that same-sex marriages are neither unparalleled nor unnatural. The marriage should always be both men and women. 11. Same Sex-Marriage will damage international relations. The culture is different from one nation to another. The unauthorized practice of gay marriage may harm to the cultural faith of a country. By allowing marrying different religion may cause for the collapse of internal faith.

Ultimately it may cause for the damage of international relation. Gay marriage recognition The evaluation of the gay marriage arguments against same sex marriage has been from description influence appealing to linguistic or moral instinct, toward the trample of endorsement and defense of marriage arguments, which looks to the result of marriage recognition. However it suggests that the application should be denied, because it represented the pure pursuit of hedonistic and sexual pleasure (Eskridge, 2006, p. 21).