Gay Adoption

A recent change in the American culture is gay couples seeking to be a “normal” American family by adopting children. This is part of the entire change within the American family structure, in that gay marriages per se do not resemble traditional marriages in a legal sense. Besides the legal sense, there is definitely a moral an emotional component to gay adoption. Much as gay relationships and marriages are becoming more common in America, it is not in every state that they are welcomed. Most of the time, the gay people are looked down upon by the rest of the society.

To adopt a child or children when you are a hetero-sexual couple is already full of legal proceedings but when it comes to a gay couple the legal processes increase dramatically. In some states, like Florida, it is completely illegal while in most of the other states they have categories of adoption. Some have laws that indirectly prohibit the adoption of a child by a gay couple. One of these laws is the one that prohibits some sex couples from adopting but allows gay individuals to adopt. This law is found in Mississippi.

Others including Florida allows fostering of the children but not adoption. The other states depend on the decision of the judges and that of the adoption and also foster agencies. Others ban the marriage of gay couples and the adoption of children by unmarried couples and even the taking in of foster children (Gandossy T. June 27 2007). Those who want to adopt feel left out because they also have the parental love that the other heterosexual people have and want to share it. This becomes frustrating when so many hurdles are put in place to ensure the adoption does not take place.

They are also not allowed to give both their names to the adopted children because judges refuse to allow it yet they are the final decision makers. According to many studies, it seems that couples are more concerned about the issue than the children. It seems the children are more comfortable with two parents from the same sex than the parents themselves (Gandossy T. June 27 2007). The Catholic Church is strongly against gay adoption because it does not see the union as permanent and hence cannot provide permanence to the adopted child.

It however, allows single gay people to adopt the children. The Baptist church in its striving to be equal does not have as much problems with the adoption by gay people. The fundamental church is divided with some of the members of the congregation accepting it while the other hand strongly fighting against it. It is consistently at war with the government because the government is trying to legalize it. It has been noted that majority of the adoptions take place in homes of gay couples and not in heterosexuals homes.

The adoptions work because there is really no difference in being raised by same sex couples and being raised by a single parent who is heterosexual. They are also able to provide them with the emotional support that the children need and cater for their financial needs. The children are usually asked by their peers about their families but as long as the parents make them comfortable with their situation, they are able to cope with the questions.

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