Famous Criminal Case

This about the criminal, Ted Bundy, and his case of serial killings which involved more than thirty murders of young women between 1974 to 1978. Ted Bundy grew up not knowing who his real parents were, instead was made to believe that his grandparents are his parents. He was a shy, withdrawn child who didn’t interact much with other people. He remained shy and introverted even in his high school and college years. He wasn’t able to understand social behavior clearly, thus affecting his social development (Bell, 2008).

Ted Bundy didn’t much enjoy his childhood. It was during college when he learned the truth about his real parents. This is the part where Ted Bundy transformed into a different person, an aggressive personality who is not afraid to socialize and mingle with other people. This however, branched into something uncontrollable for Ted, which is his desire to kill young women. Consciously, he was just a normal person, with needs and desires that he needs to fulfill, like normal relationships and many more.

However, unconsciously, he desired for something more. He wanted to fill the gap in his childhood that has been caused by not knowing his real parents. He might have developed a hatred for his real mother when he found out the truth. He may have directed his anger to other people – young women who were very much just like her mother at the time he was born. The pro-social behaviors that was missing in Ted Bundy was his socializing skills as a child. He was an introvert, afraid of mingling with other people and making new friends.

This has greatly affected his development as a child, which may have been another reason for his criminal development. The defense mechanism he used to cover for his crime is that he kept a constant partner, someone he dated for such a long time even when he was already on his killing spree. He may have done this to divert suspicions, as he is still just like a normal person who maintains relationships with another person. He is also an educated man, with a degree in psychology, so it would be hard to think that someone like him could commit such crimes.

I think the main motivation for his to commit his serial killings is the fact that he has developed a hate to these young women, as he can associate it to his real mother. He may have developed a desire to kill more and more when he derives pleasure from killing these women. He has also engaged in necrophilia, as he committed sexual acts to the lifeless bodies of his victims. References: Bell, R. (2008). Ted Bundy. Retrieved September 5, 2008, from http://www. trutv. com/library/crime/serial_killers/notorious/bundy/index_1. html